Whole Wheat Peanut Butter Cookies with Reese's

Read about life on our West Texas farm at www.andruswilliams.com First, a story: Last night, we wanted to watch The King's Speech. So, Russell found it on Dish on Demand and started downloading it. It buffered for 15 minutes. Played for 30 seconds. And buffered for another 15 minutes. The joys of internet in the country....more

I need to test this recipe out! It looks ooey gooey good!more

Cashew Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies (Gluten Free)

These Cashew Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies will be devoured by everyone. No one I served them to even knew they were gluten free. It was similar to when I made all gluten-free cookies for Christmas and no one realized they weren't, (gasp) "regular" cookies. ...more

instant gratification

It is sticky hot in central Texas this week, well into the 90s; really much too hot for mid-April. I've been working in my yard; got my basil in and I actually have tomatoes on my cherry tomato plants!. Its too hot to simmer anything... I've pretty much been getting by on pasta salad. That is not a bad thing, mind you, but still, it makes for a slow food week....more

Crispy Nutella Cookies

If you have never tried Nutella, please, PLEASE! Try it now. See the rest......more

Blogs Changing My Life

The lesson here, kids, is to write and post. Even if you don’t think people are listening, they are, and you are changing their lives. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Maybe for a day, maybe for a lifetime. Because you have the power of blog. ...more

I love it!more

Hopping Into Spring With A Rice Krispies Challenge

Lemonade Rice Krispies® Chicks in Cocoa Krispies® Nests Recently I was given the opportunity to participate in a challenge hosted by The Motherhood and Kellogg’s™ Rice Krispies™. As Rice Krispies™ are my hubby’s favorite cereal, I jumped at the chance to be a part. I knew he and the littles, would be the perfect crew of taste-testers!...more

Small, Delightful Acts of Kindness

I've had a lot on my mind lately. My brain is full with long term planning decisions, chewing on my petty jealousies and thinking too much of the unfairness of life. (Earthquakes, devastation, violent political revolutions, union busting, and of course my own personal shit.) I tend to get sucked into the vortex of my own over-thinking and general ennui on occasion. I've had a nasty sinus thing since Sunday night, felt bedraggled and achy and lethargic and from there it's a quick slide into the mopes. These are short term mopes but still, the mopes taste bland and gray and interminable....more

Food Bloggers Host Bake Sales for Japan Relief

The March 11 earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan have left hundreds of thousands in a state of dire need. This week, food bloggers and people in the restaurant industry around the country are stepping in to help in any way they can during the April 2 Bakesale for Japan, a fundraiser for Peace Winds Japan and Peace Winds America. Both groups are dedicated to supporting people affected by natural disaster. ...more

I was so happy to be able to help with the sale that took place in Austin on April 2. We had an ...more

Fruity Pillow Cookies for SPRING!

It’s here, it’s here! Spring is here!  Tiny green shoots are bursting forth from the barren soil and delicate buds reach longingly toward the sun. Life feels different in spring. Light. Hopeful. Full of promise and surprises. Who doesn’t enjoy a pleasant surprise? Clear 70 degree weather when it was supposed to rain.  An unexpected package in the mailbox. A call from an old beloved friend. Even the smallest unforeseen blessings can make my day....more

Getting Creative with Girl Scout Cookies

Unless you live under a rock, you are aware that Girl Scout cookie delivery and consumption time is upon us. In fact, if you're an avid blog reader, you may have seen talk about these annual favorites popping up in all sorts of ways. If you're bored with eating cookies straight from the box, this post is for you. ...more

Oh my lord, these all look obscenely delicious and I'm trying to ignore the voices of my ...more