Separation of Work and Home

  I am going through my house this morning and purging all evidence of work from the house. Before Lunch it will be relegated to the trunk of my car and not see the light of day until I get to work on Monday morning and drag it all in to my office to STAY.  ...more

The DIY Chef


Celery, Cashew & Sherry Soup

I have a bunch of celery in my fridge right now!


What's For Dinner Mum? (12 More Pages Guest Post)

Ahhh... the joys of domestic duties when you have a chronic illness. Sometimes you have to laugh, even if the laughter is hysterical. I'm guest posting on 12 More Pages again this week. Remember to check it out for some great Dysautonomia information. ...more

Return to the Kitchen

by Carley Knobloch ...more

First you make a roux

Those words were ingrained in me as I grew up, watching my mom and my grandparents cook gumbo, red beans and rice, other Cajun deliciosities. It was simple: flour and oil of equal portions, on medium-high heat. Stir until golden brown, and it starts to get thick. Never step away from a roux. It’s your core – if you mess up the roux, if you burn it, you have to start over....more

Ricotta gnocchi with lemon and thyme butter (and a lentil frittata)

I started making this ricotta gnocchi at about 8.30pm on Tuesday night, and we ate at around 10pm... The late start was due to too much wine and 'mucking about' (as my gran likes to say), and the late eating time was due to, well, more wine. I'm not entirely sure you needed to know that, but there it is. ...more