Tasty Sausage Alfredo


Happy Thanksgiving to Me


Turkey Spinach Meatballs Recipe


The Mountain Kitchen Tip Tuesday ~ Cooking Mistake: An Overcrowded Pan

Overcrowding a pan is a common cooking mistake that can ruin your entire meal. If you've been working and slaving away in the kitchen and can't seem to figure out why good recipes keep causing you disappointment, I can help you: Give your food some space....more

Viva la vie foodie!

I'm so obsessed at the moment with food I can't think or see straight. My every thought and waking moment is on the food that I will be preparing for the day. After years of dieting and killing myself with guilt over the food I put into my body, I have decided to take a new approach. To love food fully. To love it with all my being. To use food to nourish and fuel my body. To eat everything I love and not feel a single ounce of guilt.  To pour myself into cook books that feed my passion. To cook with ingredients that are fresh and exciting....more

Low Carb Pizza with Egg Crust

Scalloped Sweet Potatoes and Thyme

This scalloped potato recipe was an instant hit. I used Lancashire White Cheese instead of the cheeses listed and it was great. Use any cheese that strikes your fancy. A great opportunity to try something new.There are 19.6g net carbs, 6.1g protein and 9 Weight Watchers points per serving.http://www.not-too-sweet.com/scalloped-sweet-potatoes-thyme/...more

Kids Cook with Ella-Making Rice Krispy Treats


Ham and Egg Spinach Salad

After work today I spent and hour and a half mowing our new sod for the first time. It was looking like a little bit of a jungle. Birds were getting lost in the luscious vegetation and our poor Boston Terrior Nico has to bound like Bambi to get from one end to the other. Our yard is definitely shaping up to be a beautiful oasis....more

Posting this dish makes my grandmother smile ~

Kibbi be Saniah – Syrian Meatloaf  (my grandmother's recipe) ...more