Pasta con Pesto

Pasta con Pesto - you can't go wrong with Fresh Basil, Garlic, Butter, Cheese and a pinch of Salt over #Barilla Linguine.  The basil at #TraderJoes looked beautiful and was delicious!  Love to be able to come home and fix a quick and wonderful meal for the family.What's on your stove?Joanie...more

Midlife Cabernet: You want Dinner EVERY Night?

I grew up on a farm, so dinner was thrown on the table after the chores were done. My mother’s weekly menu included baked hams, turkeys, beef roasts, and chickens accompanied with side dishes of mashed potatoes, gravy, creamed peas, buttered corn, bread, and cobbler. With ice cream. The quantity surpassed the quality, but we were not undernourished or skinny....more
I had to read this post!  I have the exact same thoughts about the never ending 'feedings'.  I ...more

Gluten-Free Meatball Stuffed Shells

Happy 2014! I know I'm a little late on this, and I apologize. I decided to take a couple weeks off from blogging to refresh, recharge, and let my creativity have a break. I didn't have much time for cooking anyway since the holidays were super busy and I am finishing up with cold number two...which I don't know about you but I certainly do not feel like cooking when I am sick. Anyway, I'm back and ready to make 2014 a great gluten-free year!...more

Lazy Girl's Gluten Free Cream Soup

In my experience, pretty much all national brand cream soups have gluten, and the gluten-free ones are super expensive or hard to find. This is a recipe my mom found a couple years ago to use in place of any cream soup.  It is very easy to put together and you can make it into just about any flavor you need (see below for suggestions). I have committed this recipe to memory since I use it pretty frequently and the base is only three ingredients....more

Twice Baked Beef Stew swear, I just can’t cook stew conventionally.  It’s so much fun to mess around with it!So this is a FANTASTIC idea, especially if you have a pressure cooker, and especially if you have a larger family.What You’ll Need:...more

Celebrating My Heritage: Bajan Pumpkin Soup!

#NaBloPoMo My salt fish cakes which I made last weekend were to die for!  They were so delicious they didn’t even last long enough for me to take any photos to post here for you.  As soon as they came out of the frying pan they disappeared – just like that....more

The Absolute Most Amazing Holiday Turkey Recipe That You've Never Heard Of

This is a Depression-era recipe that was passed down to me, and it has never failed me. It is astounding how complicated turkey can become: Is it too dry. Is it burnt. Do you deep-fry the turkey. Do you set your house on fire by deep-frying the turkey…  There are so many avenues to go down.  But Thanksgiving is supposed to be relaxing; how about we keep this simple and delicious. ...more
Thanks so much for this recipe.  I was looking for a new way to do the turkey this year for ...more

Try This: Mojo Marinade (That's MO-HO not MO-JOE!)

Here’s your ticket to Cuba: Mojo marinade.  Mojito sauce, as it is called on the island, is bright and intriguing with strong, complex flavors… just like Cuba. Seville oranges, also known as bitter oranges, are the marinade’s “secret” ingredient....more

Why I Cook From Scratch: A Manifesto for 'Homemade' Cooking

"Would you like a homemade waffle? "  This is what I was asked every other morning at the Inn where I spent the last week of my vacation.  Hmmm, homemade?   Well, within seconds—and I mean seconds—a steaming, perfect waffle would appear!  Maybe they meant "freshly made"?   It turned out that they were making them to order from a commercial mix.  They were cakey and dense, though the spread offered wasn't butter and the syrup was the usual thick corn syrup.  I had one with jam, but after that passed on the "homemade" waffles. ...more
Karen, I am the author, and though I understand that not everyone learns to cook by watching ...more