Try This: Mojo Marinade (That's MO-HO not MO-JOE!)

Here’s your ticket to Cuba: Mojo marinade.  Mojito sauce, as it is called on the island, is bright and intriguing with strong, complex flavors… just like Cuba. Seville oranges, also known as bitter oranges, are the marinade’s “secret” ingredient....more

Why I Cook From Scratch: A Manifesto for 'Homemade' Cooking

"Would you like a homemade waffle? "  This is what I was asked every other morning at the Inn where I spent the last week of my vacation.  Hmmm, homemade?   Well, within seconds—and I mean seconds—a steaming, perfect waffle would appear!  Maybe they meant "freshly made"?   It turned out that they were making them to order from a commercial mix.  They were cakey and dense, though the spread offered wasn't butter and the syrup was the usual thick corn syrup.  I had one with jam, but after that passed on the "homemade" waffles. ...more
Karen, I am the author, and though I understand that not everyone learns to cook by watching ...more

Wellness on the Web: Golubka

Wellness on the Web is an ongoing interview series that showcases bloggers who focus on clean, unrefined, nourishing and naturally delicious food. This week, please welcome…Anya | GolubkaFacebook // Twitter ...more

Zucchini Carbonara

 Zucchini CarbonaraBy Cindy Barbieri | Cindy's Table

Our Collective Family Memories: Grandma Doesn't Remember Lasagna

“I talked to grandma yesterday,” my mom said cautiously, referring to her mother as "grandma" for my sake, “and she asked me something really funny.” I slowed my tomato processing to listen. “She asked me if she ever made lasagna before.” This gripped my attention because, of course, lasagna had been something my grandma has always made. And she didn’t remember. Not only did she not remember, but she had to ask. ...more
My grandmother had Alzheimer's.  I was in my teens, quite young, and didn't understand the ...more

Chicken Picatta

A relatively quick cooking restaurant-style Italian dish...for everyday or dinner parties. It's always a hit.

Plant-Powered Cooking

Grilled Cheese Waffles

Wow, have I got a fun recipe for you today.  A savory homemade waffle mix meets cheesy goodness.  This one is sure to be a crowd pleaser for kids and adults alike. What makes this recipe special is that you create the sandwich with waffle batter, not pre-made bread that you add to the iron....more

Plated + Served: Cicada Stir Fry!

You’ve got a VERY limited time to try this unique recipe… so pay attention.Over the next few weeks as soil temperatures steadily rise, cicadas will begin emerging from their dark underground world… the first time since 1996.Then, six weeks after their mating ritual, they’ll be gone, vanished… dead.Their offspring won’t return until 2030.When I lived in Africa, I spent a little bit of time with the Bushmen in Namibia. Eating cicadas (or grub worms, or giraffe) is decidedly an acquired taste. But I guess you know that....more