How to Cook the Perfect Pot of Quinoa

I love quinoa, I really do.  Even though some foodie websites proclaim that this mighty grain has jumped the shark, I can argue with zeal that quinoa's day has yet to come. Quinoa is a whole grain, high in protein, GMO-free, gluten-free and a superior plant protein.  It doesn't get much better than that when it comes to the food we need to be eating to stay healthy and well....more
Great suggestions, I hadn't thought about it as a breakfast option, so I'll try it out. We just ...more

Five Foodie Facts Worth Knowing

5. From Grill to Broiler –As a Manhattan dweller I’m always disappointed I can’t grill a good steak on a hot summer’s night, but I’ve started taking serious advantage of my broiler. Think of the broiler as an inverted grill – steaks, pork, or chicken will take about 10 minutes to cook, and of course you can always use the broiler to get a nice little crust on just about anything. But beware, don't ever leave a broiler unattended or prepare for a serious singe. ...more

chili burgers

A few weekends ago I made Chili Burgers (a.k.a Sloppy Joes) ....more
Perfect for right after a hockey game! I might have to try this :)more

Getting Out of Neutral!

Oh, Lucy, I LOVE your kitchen! I like how high the ceilings are and love the color of your ...more


If you're on Facebook you have seen the "awkward moment" posts.  Most of the time they're not really awkward, but people just say they are....more

Homemade Powdered Sugar in 3 Minutes

On this side of the pond, creative cooking rules the day. I find a sick delight in finding a recipe that is laced with things I can't find here and changing them up so that they are "China-friendly."  ...more

My First BlogHer Post

If you've been dying to encounter someone who took two hours to figure out how to clear her cache and upload an appropriately cropped BlogHer photo, then it's your lucky day. My name is Brook and I'm here to make new friends and keep the old, 'cuz one is silver and the other's gold. Last night was Girl Scout World Thinking Day so I'm in that kind of mood....more
A Thousand Points of Sauce! I love it! Happy blogging, and I'll look forward to those ...more

The Grocery List. Why Sending My Husband to the Store is a Wasted Experience.

Last week, at three in the morning naturally, the battery in our fire alarm decided to alert us that it was dying.  It wasn’t just the occasional beep that you that you could ignore and fix in the morning, it was a constant unnerving, high pitched shrill that finally ceased once it was beaten to death with a shoe....more

Help Me Learn to COOK

So I am asking for help.  That's a biggee for me.  I have posted this in my 10X Club (if you are not a member yet, you should check it out!) but I need LOTS of help. ...more

Hi!  I thought of you when I posted about edible broccoli today.  It's easy and ...more