Geeks vs.Gorgeous: Another Day of Living Trendily

Today, the Accidental Locavore was wandering around Chelsea checking out two newcomers, Haven's Kitchen and the Startup Shop (beta). This weekend, a Startup Store (beta) is hosting Coffee Common....more

A Tale of Two Raw Classes

Ah, New York City, I love you!  One of the many advantages to living in metro-NYC is the proximity to fine (as well as cheap) vegan dining and to the culinary arts.  In January I took my first vegan cooking class at the Natural Gourmet Institute (NGI) and I was hooked.   Now I’m always on the lookout for classes.  I attended a beginning raw class at NGI in March and an advanced raw class at Organic Avenue in April....more
@RawFoodRenewal Thanks for your comment! The caramel dip was included in the recipes that ...more

Teacher Tips: Cooking In the Classroom

Dish duty! Just ask anyone who has cooked anything recently and they will tell you that the kitchen is an ideal place to reinforce what our children are learning in school.  Measuring, estimating and counting reinforce ...more