Top 5 Herbs To Grow This Year

Today’s lesson on Gardening is all about Herbs.  Without Herbs, you would be eating food that tastes like baby food  ~ which is fine if you have no teeth I guess…but most of us prefer the food we eat to wow our taste buds.  For this we can thank Herbs. There are Herbs that are easy to grow.  Then there are Herbs that make life difficult for you.  Worse still, there are Herbs that can strangle your tomatoes and wreak havoc on the neighbourhood ~ ok, just kidding on that last part, but you have to ...more
Last spring I ripped almost everything out of my flower bed in the front (I don't know what ...more

Cooking with Fresh Herbs: Thyme

The BlogHer series on Cooking with Fresh Herbs has featured cilantro, tarragon, parsley, mint, dill, lovage, chives, basil, Greek oregano, rosemary, and sage, and today we're finishing up the series with thyme. No pun intended, but the timing is good because even though fresh thyme is used in summer dishes, thyme really comes into its own in foods that are cooked in fall or winter. ...more

Nice job on the lists, thanks for sharing.

Kalyn Denny

Cooking with Fresh Herbs: Sage

Since May I've been writing a series of posts on BlogHer about Cooking with Fresh Herbs. Now it's nearly fall, and I'm finishing up the series with sage today and a final post about thyme coming on Sunday. Both these are herbs I love to cook with, and I think both are underused in many American kitchens. If you have sage or thyme in your herb garden, but not too many ideas about how to use them, I hope you'll enjoy the finale. ...more

My very earliest memory of anyone using fresh herbs is my Grandmother Denny always having a sage ...more

Cooking with Fresh Herbs: Rosemary

The northern hemisphere is approaching fall, and over the next three weeks I'll be ending my series on Cooking with Fresh Herbs with rosemary, sage, and thyme, all of which are used a lot in fall and winter dishes. Today let's talk about rosemary, an herb that's definitely one of my favorites. ...more

Cooking with Fresh Herbs: Greek Oregano

I've been writing a series of post on BlogHer about Cooking with Fresh Herbs, which has included cilantro, tarragon, parsley, mint, lovage, dill, basil, and chives so far. Today we're talking about Greek Oregano, which most cooks probably think of as the distinctive flavor in pizza sauce, and the category of herbs called oregano. ...more

I'm sorry but I haven't ever heard of Sapsiko. I did try googling it too, and the first thing ...more

Cooking with Fresh Herbs: Basil

In the BlogHer series on Cooking with Fresh Herbs, we have now come to basil (big drum roll!) I've purposely saved this post until basil was in season in the northern hemisphere, and two nights ago when I trimmed my 30+ basil plants and made enormous amounts of basil vinaigrette and basil puree to freeze, I knew it was time to be talking about basil. ...more

I'm sorry but I don't know anything about pineapple basil. I'd be interested in hearing how you ...more

Cooking with Fresh Herbs: Chives

I'm going to have to start this latest installment in my series on Cooking with Fresh Herbs by admitting I've only recently become a member of the Chives Appreciation Club. Just as I did with dill, I ignored chives for quite a while in favor of other herbs. But now that I've started using the chives from my garden, I've discovered I really, really like chives. ...more

If you don't have a plant, just get some at the grocery store! Let us know if you make anything ...more

Cooking with Fresh Herbs: Lovage

We still have some common herbs coming in the series about Cooking with Fresh Herbs, but I do take requests and the lovely Mata wants to know more about lovage. It's an herb I've never used, so I'm excited to learn about something new. ...more

There are so many different herbs, and each has its own unique flavor. I bet if you keep trying ...more

Cooking with Fresh Herbs: Dill

It's another installment in my series about Cooking With Fresh Herbs, and this time I'm focusing on dill, something I'm rediscovering in my own garden after forgetting to grow it two years in a row! If your only exposure to dill has been in pickles, now's the perfect time to try it because fresh dill goes well with so many foods that are appealing in hot weather. ...more

Just checked food blog search and there are lovage recipes galore! Can't wait to write about ...more

Cooking with Fresh Herbs: Mint

I'm writing a linked series of posts on about Cooking With Fresh Herbs, and so far we've drooled over recipes using cilantro, tarragon, and parsley. Now Susan from The Lil' Mommy That Could has requested ideas for mint, which is something I love to cook with. If your only inspiration for mint is using it for summer drinks, read on! ...more
jchapstk Make mint flavored tea by filling a jar w black tea leaves, add spoonful of dried mint ...more