Herbs in the Garden

 I have big plans to plant a lot of herbs in my outdoor gardens this year. The double-edged sword of concrete block raised beds is the 2 openings in each block- they're a great space to do some extra planting, but they're also a fun space for weeds to quickly crop up!For the past several years, I've just planted herbs right into the garden, but as I expand my plant list each year, space is at more of a premium....more
I'll be planting herbs soon. (It's still a bit early here.) I'm going to do chives, basil, and ...more

Celebrate More Herbs Less Salt Day With an Herb-centric Recipe

When I was approximately 9 or 10 years old, my father came home with a dread diagnosis: high blood pressure. Suddenly, things changed drastically around our kitchen. Salt disappeared, and Mrs. Dash moved in. Low-sodium cookbooks moved into heavy rotation. And I whined. Oh, did I ever whine. I’ve been a salt lover since I was small, and this family ban on salt seemed draconian to me. “But I don’t have high blood pressure,” I remember howling. “Why can’t I eat the salt?” ...more
 @j3nndotnet That is exactly the message put out from UK health organisations - ...more

Cooking for Health

We love traditional recipes–the memories, flavors, and emotional benefits of eating recipes we have loved since childhood. Tomatoes, red wine, fish, and grapes make a Mediterranean smile. They are healthy for many people. My “cooking for health” class is different from others because I do not stress recipes as much as healthy ingredients that prevent specific illness. They include tea with hawthorn to protect the heart. Bitter cleansing greens cleanse impurities in order to avoid allergies, blemishes and acidity. Hormone-balancing, energizing maca powder is useful for men and women. Anticancer mushrooms such as shiitake, enoki, and reishi assure a long comfortable life. When cooking for health, we think prevention at every meal. Many people can use these ingredients in creative ways....more

It's Not Too Late to Plant Some Herbs!

I've been Cooking with Fresh Herbs for about 20 years now, and last year on BlogHer I wrote a series of posts with growing tips and recipe ideas for twelve different herbs. I hadn't thought of writing about herbs again this year until someone told me on Twitter that I should write a post about starting an herb garden for people who want to try growing herbs for the first time. Truly, most herbs are so easy to grow that everyone should be doing it, so if you've never grown your own herbs, or haven't planted any yet this year, this post is my reminder for you to plant some herbs while there is still time. ...more

Sounds like you have a great herb garden. I haven't grown either shiso or lemongrass, want to ...more