Apple sauce and bbq turkey meatballs

Yes, you read that right.  Apple sauce and BBQ sauce.  In meatballs. It’s seriously the most delicious combination that I’ve ever tried....more

Fresh Meal Fridays

As fresh as fresh can get: super easy Chicken Soup made from scratch....more
Talk about comfort food...this is it! As a kid I hated chicken soup (probably because of the ...more

Kid-Friendly Fish Tacos

My kids love almost anything served taco style. I think they just like eating with their hands. I like tacos because they are easy to make and can provide a one-dish meal for a casual summer dinner, or for a busy night. ...more
So yumm.....Food Fun Freak: http://foodfunfreak.blogspot.commore

The Obligatory New Year's Post... With FOOD!

2011 was not a great year, for me.  There was a good deal of "manning up" and "getting through it".  Heat and rest helped heal the neck strain earned via keeping my f@*king chin up.  Worn out big girl panties were replaced and put away for another time.  (A hopefully FAR into the future time.)  And joy, every fleeting glimpse of it, was grabbed onto and hugged hard.  Like an addict's last fix.  Or a kindred spirit seen too rarely.  Or a mother setting off on an unknowable adventure.......more
Oh, you too! @SHembree And, yes, you ABSOLUTELY need a friend who bakes! Though, the ...more

I Wasn't TRYING to Kill Him!

We are an allergy-rich family, chez Valentine.  My kids and my husband each have lengthy lists of foods that irritate their tummies or their skin, and (very fortunately) much shorter lists of items that might actually kill them.  My son carries an EpiPen wherever he goes.  And it is so much a part of his getting-ready-to-go routine that when he's playing dress-up in the playroom, there is a special bristle-block designated "Shelton's Eperpen" that he tucks in the outside pocket of his construction-worker suit....more
=D Thanks, Karen! It's been a fun little adventure for us :) @KarenLynnnmore

10 Ways I Got My Kids to Eat Veggies

I’m no Holly Homemaker – but I have had marginal success on this matter.  My kids eat (or have eaten) broccoli, apples, plums, peaches, carrots, salad (yes salad), cauliflower and more. Are you having veggie trials in your home?...more

Stuff My Kids Eat - Spanish Rice

ED:  I know I just did a post last night, and I usually like to wait a couple of days so we can have a real discussion about it in the comments.  BUT, my loving husband made us some glorious Spanish rice last night, and because he's glaring gazing at me lovingly across the table because I'm hesitant always SO willing to share his literary prowess with all of you, herewith you will find his Spanish rice recipe (and his first ever guest post!):Mike's Spanish Rice...more

Do you have one of these babies?

I have one. I love it and use is all.the.time. ...more

Gluten/Dairy/Egg Free Vegan Coconut Pineapple Scones

I am so pleased to be participating in this month's Gluten Free Ratio Rally, founded by Shauna from the Gluten Free Girl, and hosted this month by Lauren of Celiac Teen....more
Wow! These look amazing. I can't wait to try out the recipe. I've never made vegan scones before!more

Homemade Spaghetti-OHS!

 The other day I had a big hankering for a past food infatuation. SpaghettiO’s. Yup. During college I ate tons of Ramen and SpaghettiO’s.Cheap, nurturing, and badly tasty....more