Banana Pie Pudding Cups

I did not have to ask my daughter if she wanted to learn to cook or help me in the kitchen. It's been a natural progression for her over her whole life. Since I started cooking at a young age, I didn't have the usual fears of her being in the kitchen with me. Of course, I don't let her wield a sharp knife or cook on the stove unattended but I do follow the philosophy I learned from Maria Montessori and that is to "never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed." ...more

Making Blueberry Sour Cream Bread In Jax's Sensory Kitchen

You all know how much I don't like having to be on lockdown to protect Jax from germs. To be perfectly honest, I've been a bit depressed about it this year and I've had zero motivation to make it better. The Minnesota winter isn't helping. With temps as low as 30° below zero, there are literally no options for outdoor play. And since Jax can't be by crowds of people, the gym, malls, and museums are out of the question....more

Peanut Butter Pancakes

     I LIVE for Sunday mornings with my family.  I cook for everyone else Monday through Saturday, but Sunday is ours.  One would think that I would put a little more thought into what I was going to make, but hey, I live by the seat of my pants.  Today when I woke up to Lucas, our 3 year old, wanting to snuggle and watch TV, I pulled out my favorite new addiction and started browsing Foodgawker to see what I could come up with....more