Fact: Cooking with Kids is a Ball

Most Fattening Thing Ever...more

Easy Bake Shmeasy Bake

My mother recently posted this picture of brother Michael and me from 1975, I’d have been 7 and he was 3. Yes, we always loved to cook!I loved that fondue pot!...more

Teach kids to cook.

Back-to-school season isn't just a time of buying outfits and supplies; it's a time to think about shaping and growing these little people who share our lives. When you have a toddler, it's almost unfathomable that one day she'll be a grown person with a life of her own.Between now and then, she'll gain all kinds of wisdom and experience. How to engage with other people. How to think for herself. How to love and how to recover from heartbreak. How to find her own motivation for greatness....more

Serving Vegetables Your Kids Will Enjoy

I am a huge fan of summer for many reasons. I love the warm weather, the relaxed schedule, and having my kids home with me. Last summer, the kids and I embarked on a little adventure in the produce department. Each shopping trip we picked out a fruit or a vegetable that was new to us....more
I tried to serve my children a wide range of veggies from the first time they ate food, because ...more

Watermelon Sorbet

Watermelon Sorbet(adapted from A Sweet Pea Chef)This is a great recipe for little helping hands in the kitchen.Ingredients:1¼ cup sugar1¼ water6-7 cups fresh seedless watermelon chunks. This would be 2 small, personal seedless watermelons, or one large one. (I just enjoy saying personal watermelon!)3 tbsp. fresh lime juice. This is about three small limes. (Have your kids do the squeezing!)Directions:...more

[Butter making] How to make butter at home

Last week was March break here.Well, we didn't fly to Florida or Cuba like many friends.We have a big trip planned for this summer....more
 @HomeRearedChefHi Virginia, I concur with  you on the matter of butter. :)  Julia (Child) said, ...more

Maple Cinnamon Donuts with Maple Glaze

Stephanie @ Food and Fitness 4 Real When I was a little girl, my sister and I would go to church every Wednesday night with my grandparents, then spend the night at their house afterwards.  On the way home from church, my grandparents would stop at the local donut shop and let my sister and me pick out a dozen donuts to bring home.  Looking back, I realize this was probably some form of bribery to get us to 1) attend church service and 2) behave during the service.  I don't know if we actually behaved dur...more

Recipe Monday - Chrismas Sugar Cookies

 This is my aunt's family famous recipe, delicious every time. And it's a family affair. (I halved this recipe.) Ingredients:2 cups sugar1 cup margarine (Hey, what's up 1993? I used butter)2 eggs...more

Kid-friendly recipes for the holidays

Hope you had a lovely long holiday weekend. Cooking with the kids is always a special family time. My daughter loves to bake and she surprised me with a delicious Sunday breakfast. So sweet! If you want to try cooking with the kids this holiday season, check out the kid-friendly recipes below. Bon appetit!  A few of my favorite cooking with kids recipes:...more
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Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Sides: A Fresh Look at Old Childhood Faves

I want to share this blog post with your today: Read how a recent stroll down the chips aisle with her son at the grocery store turned into a walk down memory lane for ZisBoomBah's food writer, Becky Milanski. Reminiscing about classic Thanksgiving side dishes she devoured as a child, this Colorado mom decided it was time she created childhood memories for her son now....more