Motherly Advice

I hold these truths to be self-evident, that all parents and kids are not created equally, but are wholly individual in personality and style....more

How to Make Perfectly Shaped Cookies

I love baking cookies, but until recently I've never been fond of baking cut-out cookies. I've always found them to be too much effort, the results too uneven, the taste too bland. For lazy bakers like me, bar cookies like lemon squares or heath toffee bars are the only way to go: just dump your whole bowl of batter into a pan and cut into squares! ...more
Your cookies look great! I have dozens of cookies to bake this week, so I will be picking up ...more

Making a Rainbow Cake Could Be a Fun Summer Kitchen Project with Kids

When summer starts, kids are thrilled to be out of school. Then after a few weeks, they start moping around the house saying "There's nothing to doooo..." in a mournful voice. If you're a mom with kids to entertain, making a rainbow cake together could be a fun summer kitchen project. ...more

 This is adorable! I cannot wait to do this with my 4 year old baker! She'll love ...more

Great Tools for Cooking With Kids

Cooking with kids is a fantastic time to spend time together, and if you are lucky, you will accomplish something productive at the same time!  Because cooking with kids has been my business for the past 5 years, I have some favorite cooking tools that I like to use with children.  But I realized that my experiences are only the tip of the iceberg and wanted to see what tools other people enjoy using ...more

Healthier Valentine's Day Treats for Class Parties

Many schools have started to implement wellness policies and no longer allow sweets to be shared at school.  While many people are in mourning over this decision, others rejoice.  After all, school IS a place for learning, which can be difficult to accomplish on a sugar high. ...more

Teacher Tips: Cooking In the Classroom

Dish duty! Just ask anyone who has cooked anything recently and they will tell you that the kitchen is an ideal place to reinforce what our children are learning in school.  Measuring, estimating and counting reinforce ...more

Going Bananas for After School Snacks

We just started our school year and the kids are getting used to the routine all over again.  They usually return home from school in slow motion, dragging their book bags behind them, red-faced from the heat.  ...more

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your comment.  Oooh, bananas gone bad!

If you don't have time ...more

The Golden Rule - Introducing Slow Food to our Children

As good parents, we try to teach our children about the golden rule:  do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Or, more simply: treat others how you want to be treated. The same should be true for our food system.  I am hard pressed to believe that the parents who encourage their kids to treat others nicely would approve of a system that intentionally adds chemicals and ...more

There's a Hair Dryer in my Kitchen

Our Great American Bake Sale is coming up, and I'm doing several cooking classes with kids ahead of time to make some tasty treats to sell. I had chocolate on the brain and was contemplating all of the ways that my students could melt it safely. A friend of mine (who is in the chocolate business!) told me that she did an experiment with a group of 8th graders and discovered that using a hair dryer was the best way to melt chocolate! It sounded ...more