Solo Salads (or not)

There's a reason why I came up with these salads and a reason why they are called 'solo'.  Firstly, it always happens, I have people over to eat and I can't help myself, I buy too much food and I make too much food.   My friends always eat lots (I just can't be friends with picky eaters or people who eat tiny portions) and, I often give doggy bags, even so I still end up with lots of odds and ends in the fridge.  This poses a challenge, as I find it almost impossible to throw food away.  I see it as my duty to use it up....more

Cooking for One

One day at work, I began preparing for my ritual of the "working lunch" so common in my office. I removed my dish from the microwave and carefully lifted the lid to unleash the heavenly smell of homemade butternut squash soup when I felt like I was being watched. You know that feeling. One of my co-workers was giving me a wistful look as if she hadn't eaten in days....more

Veal Chop with Pear & Brussel Sprouts

Veal Chop with Pears & Brussel Sprouts My favorite time of year at farmers market is when the fresh brussel sprouts beg...more

Pasta with asparagus and bacon + Giveaway

Not because I didn’t know how to cook, but because, like many of us, I thought cooking a normal meal for myself took too much of an effort, and didn’t quite make sense. Especially when I don't have my audience to eat with me. Most of my weekends are kept for elaborate meals....more
Well I think I might have made a tad bit more but it is soooo worth it. I did not do the ...more

Meatless Monday No. 2 - Dinner for One

Week two of my Meatless Monday experiment found me on my own for dinner, as Peter happened to have other plans today. I don't know about you, but I'm not a real fan of cooking for one. I think a big part of what I find satisfying about preparing a meal is having others enjoy what I've made, so there isn't quite as much motivation to go to the effort just for myself. ...more

10 Simple Tips to Lower Your Food Bill When You Cook For Yourself

If you live alone like I do, coming up with new things to make each week can become challenging and really annoying when you are hungry and just want to eat. Most recipes serve a family of four, it's hard to find recipes for just one person. But don't despair, follow these 10 tips to cook for one and save money in the process....more
I've long wished for a cookbook for one, a book devoted to easy, rounded meals for a single ...more

One Fish, Two Fish: Cooking for One or Two

Julie from the Florida food blog A Mingling of Tastes has found the perfect recipe for Cooking for One, fish en papillote. ...more