School Lunches: Friend or Foe?

I’m a couple weeks into packing lunches for the kids, and things are going pretty smoothly. For the most part, lunch boxes are coming home empty, and when they aren’t empty, I’m querying my children as to why their lunch has not been eaten. I’ve heard a variety of reasons from "You gave me too much to eat," or "I was talking to so and so," to  the more straightforward reason, “I don’t like it.”...more

Light Cauliflower Fried Rice (can I call this fried rice if it doesn't contain any rice?)

I am in love with this recipe.  I have been craving Chinese food a lot lately. Whenever we order in I usually end up eating too much fried rice. Then the next day I feel terrible and bloated.Thank goodness I found this recipe and jumped on the opportunity to make it for dinner this week. I did serve it with some store bought egg rolls. I know I should have made them from scratch but it doesn’t always happen. ...more

School Lunch Ideas and Recipes

School is in full swing and things are settling down just a little around here.  It's a big year for us since my oldest is a senior in high school...sniff, sniff.  One of the cool things about being at the "top of the food chain" is that seniors get to go off campus for lunch.  It's been a tradition at our school to host lunches for a group of kids who are friends.  So, the mom's got together, made a couple of test runs and it looks like things are coming together beautifully!...more

Stuffed Tomatoes

Little Palate: Home Made Baby Food

It’s no secret that I like to eat healthy. I became a vegetarian two years ago and have never regretted that decision. I like to experiment with new healthy recipes and cook the majority of my meals. I shop at the farmers market seasonally and avoid canned and /or processed foods as much as possible....more

Homemade Corn Tortillas with Berries and Cream Cheese

So what do you think of the title? A little long? It’s a tough one because I want you to know these corn tortillas are homemade and delicious, but I also want you to know what to top them with, berries and cream cheese.Have you tried this combination before on a corn tortilla? Well you should because it is good. Makes a great breakfast or snack. ...more

Cordon Bleu

Here's a recipe that requires a bit more prep time - Pork Cordon Bleu!  Try it on a nice rainy day when you've got plenty of kitchen time. Life's too short to eat crappy food.  :-)

How about some Tuna Melts for lunch?

Thursday = Tuna Melts for lunch!  So good, so easy, just like mama used to make. Life's too short to eat crappy food.  :-)

Spanish Chicken & Rice - a family favorite!  Life's too short to eat crappy food.  :-)

the recipe post

okay, i love food! unfortunately, i have some health issues that are very serious and require great care and discretion with everything that i eat. I have amassed a little collection of "go to" recipes that i know i can have. and my family loves them! this one is super easy and it's a favorite!...more