More With Less Weekly Meal Plan

Feed your family of four a week of dinners with a shopping cart maximum of $95.This is not your average meal plan. The point of this meal plan is to help you be smart with your money. Use cheap ingredients to make dinners, without eating beans and rice or pasta every night. These are dinners for regular families living on a budget....more

May Real Food Meal Plan – flexible, frugal monthly meal plan with printable calendar

The beauteous bulb blooms are just coming up here, and we're enjoying hikes in the woods and some playground time in between gloomy days. Silly New England weather can switch seasons multiple times in one day. We are enjoying the nicer weather and some fairy house adventures. I'm also in the mood for lighter fare and not clinging quite so desperately to my comfort food. Leeks! Leeks are back!It's a good thing this is all seasonal recipes. "May" is just a handy label for lovely things like asparagus and rhubarb. Unfortunately I totally suck at deadlines....more

FRIED GREEN TOMATOS....FRUGAL NOODLES.....and CORN MEAL MUSH.....Depression Era Cooking....

  FRIED GREEN TOMATOS…. FRUGAL NOODLES….and CORN MEAL MUSH…….Depression Era Cooking….....more

Just give me a cow and some chickens.....

We survived the party! Our daughter is officially one. Her party was a success and we appreciate everyone who made it. Next year we might delay her party. Seems everyone, even me, had something. We had quite a few day of cancellations....but who doesn't love cupcakes? We had enough for one every night for a week! But it was a wonderful party and we look forward to many more. Is it terrible I am already planning next years theme? Oh it's a toss up Cinderella or Alice in wonderland?...more

6 Ways To Use Stale Bread

Today I am writing about the titillating topic of stale bread.  I have used stale bread back in my nonfrugal days for stuffing my turkey or chicken. I never knew what other really money saving and easy ways to utilize it.The reason I am writing this is I have a loaf of homemade white bread that I forgot to add salt to the dough as I made it.  YUCK!  If you haven’t made this mistake then let me tell you it is just sad.  The salt added flavor and is without it is just a moist cracker.  Eww....more


Here is the second week of my four part series: Save Money, Eat Better.  I have challenged myself to rid our family completely of High Fructose Corn Syrup and maintain a monthly budget of 100 dollars each week.  Last week, I posted my menu and had high hopes that I would stay on budget.  Ahem... I did not.  I went over by 20 dollars.  Well, in all honesty, I did not count the dollar amounts.  I pretty much shopped the same as usual and paid the same amount.  So, I guess that is no surprise.  This week, I am starting new....more

[Tuna melt] Quick & nutricious & cheap meal - $2000 saving project

I decide to save $2,000 by scrimping, until August.I have to share my needs to skimp on food. Well, I have too put $200 aside from each paystub, which would be a miracle, haha. :(I filed Mr.D's and my tax returns at the end of February....more
 @sassymonkey  That makes more sense that a specific grocery store can be expensive or cheap ...more

Homemade Cajun Seasoning ...more