FRIED GREEN TOMATOS....FRUGAL NOODLES.....and CORN MEAL MUSH.....Depression Era Cooking....

  FRIED GREEN TOMATOS…. FRUGAL NOODLES….and CORN MEAL MUSH…….Depression Era Cooking….....more

Just give me a cow and some chickens.....

We survived the party! Our daughter is officially one. Her party was a success and we appreciate everyone who made it. Next year we might delay her party. Seems everyone, even me, had something. We had quite a few day of cancellations....but who doesn't love cupcakes? We had enough for one every night for a week! But it was a wonderful party and we look forward to many more. Is it terrible I am already planning next years theme? Oh it's a toss up Cinderella or Alice in wonderland?...more

6 Ways To Use Stale Bread

Today I am writing about the titillating topic of stale bread.  I have used stale bread back in my nonfrugal days for stuffing my turkey or chicken. I never knew what other really money saving and easy ways to utilize it.The reason I am writing this is I have a loaf of homemade white bread that I forgot to add salt to the dough as I made it.  YUCK!  If you haven’t made this mistake then let me tell you it is just sad.  The salt added flavor and is without it is just a moist cracker.  Eww....more


Here is the second week of my four part series: Save Money, Eat Better.  I have challenged myself to rid our family completely of High Fructose Corn Syrup and maintain a monthly budget of 100 dollars each week.  Last week, I posted my menu and had high hopes that I would stay on budget.  Ahem... I did not.  I went over by 20 dollars.  Well, in all honesty, I did not count the dollar amounts.  I pretty much shopped the same as usual and paid the same amount.  So, I guess that is no surprise.  This week, I am starting new....more

[Tuna melt] Quick & nutricious & cheap meal - $2000 saving project

I decide to save $2,000 by scrimping, until August.I have to share my needs to skimp on food. Well, I have too put $200 aside from each paystub, which would be a miracle, haha. :(I filed Mr.D's and my tax returns at the end of February....more
 @sassymonkey  That makes more sense that a specific grocery store can be expensive or cheap ...more

Homemade Cajun Seasoning ...more

Meal Planning Simplified

Using Leftovers: Simple Meals