Cabbage for Those Who Dislike Cabbage

Sourdough Bread - NO-Knead ... my first attempt - start to finish!

Not Just A Chick It feels good to see (and TASTE) a finished product knowing YOU did it... start to finish... "from scratch".  Who would of thought one small loaf of bread was over 2 weeks in the making... who would of thought it could taste THAT good....  heck---who would of thought it'd be THAT easy!!  Who said I don't have any patience!...more

Decorative chocolate hearts for St Valentine!

St Valentine is almost there. I know it is such a commercial event, that is why I prefer to prepare something myself.  I was thinking of just making some decorative chocolate hearts....more

Holiday Food DIY: Homemade Cranberry Preserves

For me, Thanksgiving is about really truly expressing my gratitude and love. I really honestly do not feel that I'm showing my true self, and all the love I have to share, if I'm popping a tin of biscuits or mixing up some stove top. It makes me feel lazy and honestly quite sad—there is no love in that box; there's a ridiculous amount of sodium and who knows what other additives you get as a bonus. I promise I don't say that as an insult by any means, however I feel that so many people nowadays really do tell you you're crazy for doing things homemade. Why is that, and where does it come from? I mean, this is cranberries people. You dump them in a pot with sugar and boil it. ...more
My VERY favorite cranberry salad recipe (since you love them) ... super simple ... Cranberry ...more