Mediterranean Brown Rice Pilaf

After too much cooking and indulgence for continuous two days yesterday night I planned for a humble meal a simple pilaf with dollops of fresh yoghurt and green salad, we both filled our plates with pilaf on top with drizzle of yoghurt and salad on side and enjoyed our favorite television shows after a long time. Momo was also quite for a change, as last two days he was busy meeting new friends and entertaining guests, we signed off to bed early with a hope that coming week will be less demanding though I could see exactly opposite of that. <...more

Garlic Butter Kale and Sweet Corn

Recently when I made a delicious Lime Basil Pesto Chicken for dinner, I wanted a side dish that would complement it. I had fresh kale and sweet corn to use, but rather than make one or the other, I decided to combine the kale and sweet corn in a delicious side dish cooked in my garlic butter recipe and extra virgin olive oil....more

Eating To Fight Disease

I've been dancing around with becoming a vegetarian for years now.  I've known that there are many positive benefits to eating a primarily plant, nut and fruit diet, including anti-cancer benefits, for a while.  I just couldn't find a system that was easy and healthy that I liked....more

Fast and Fabulous: Green Goddess Quinoa Salad

When we're told to "think green," we immediately flash to this incredible Green Goddess Quinoa Salad recipe. Protein-packed quinoa, mixed with edamame and kale, is tossed in a creamy avocado and fresh herb dressing. Really, there is paradise in every bite of this fresh and fantastic salad. ...more
Love quinoa and I am definitely trying this recipe.more

Pumpkin And Sage Soup

We've all heard the saying, "Be careful what you wish for". For us Soulmates, we like to think of it more as "Make a wish, and really mean it, and the Universe will take care of it". After a long few weeks of sickness and travel and growing pains at work, Alli declared: "I just need a few days to relax and get some things done for me!" ...more

Puy Lentil Salad (Rachel Khoo inspired)

I love to watch food shows. Sometimes even when its less about food and more about everything else (Hell's kitchen anyone ?? ), :) This salad recipe today is inspired from Rachel Khoo's show 'Little Paris Kitchen'. I say inspired because instead of cooking the lentil with Bay leaves and thyme i soaked the lentil overnight in plain water with bay leaves and thyme.Here is the recipe for this easy , healthy and wonderfully tasty salad. ...more

Paneer Pasanda

The word "Pasanda" means every one's favorite and as the name suggests this paneer delicacy is adored by everyone who tastes it. The different pastes used to make the gravy add their own distinct flavors which combine to create a dish like non other. As usual I have made certain changes in the recipe, the original recipe suggest to make round shaped tikkis using grated paneer, flour and bread crumbs but I skipped that step and used plain paneer cubes instead of tikkis....more

Spinach and Yogurt dip

Yoghurt Dip made with spinach puree and spices.  ...more