Meatless Monday ~ Cherry-Apple Salad With Orange Champagne Vinaigrette

We did a little grilling on Friday night and took the deck furniture out of the basement for Mother Nature to wash off. Apparently she thought it was grungy because she washed it all weekend! We are so overdue for some much-needed deck time, but the temperatures were only in the 50’s and most of the time we couldn’t see past the tree line of our property. It is pretty, but enough is enough!...more

Meatless Monday: Red Kidney Bean Hummus with Toasted Cumin Seeds

Happy Monday and hello August!!!  I mean its August already, the months are simply going by so quickly....more

Vegan Burger Patties for Meatless Monday

For your next Meatless Monday meal, put together these delicious Vegan Burger Patties. Whether it’s meat-free or not, this this burger ranks right at the top of my list. Filled with veggies and plant-based protein with a lightly crisp exterior and a moist interior that won’t fall apart on you, this one is a must try!...more

Broccoli and carrot stir fry

Crisp and crunchy broccoli and carrots stir fried with sesame seeds.Brocooli is considered as the most nutritious vegetable,it is loaded with super nutrients that support our over all health and also have therapeutic properties.It is a nutritional power house but still not very popular in India like our desi cauliflower.It is very easy to cook broccoli you can steam, saute, blanch or stir fry it with out adding to many spices and fat....more

Ten Tips for Perfect Blanching (and a recipe for Garlic Infused, Perfectly Blanched Asparagus with Orange Ginger Glaze)

 by KATE FROM SCRATCH posted on FEBRUARY 28, 2014 [...more

GF Comfort Food

I can’t begin to describe how many levels of amazingness this dish is on. It simply tastes incredible, and it doesn’t surprise me that almost every culture has a version of rice and eggs, or eggs as an accoutrement to a main meal....more

Polar Vortex Warming Soup

I don’t have to be a master of the obvious here and advise you that it is cold outside! I think this has been one of the worst Canadian winters that I can ever remember. Soup is my go to comfort food in the winter, and this year has been no exception. I also enjoy soup in the spring and summer, when I get bored and tired of salads. I never get bored of soup however, and try to load it up with as many veggies as I can!...more

Rajma (Kidney Bean Curry) Enchiladas

  I recently took a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico with my family to celebrate my father's 70th birthday....more