My parents were born in Sicily, Italy and came here when they were really young. I'd like to say that they brought the best parts of the Italian tradition  to America.Italian-Americans are somewhat different than the Italians in Italy from what I saw myself. They do not eat eggs in the morning, they use eggs for some dinner recipes. They also do not eat as much as Italian-Americans here is the U.S.For holidays we all get together and feast on antipasto, first course (pasta), main course, and later on we enjoy coffee and pastries. ...more

Homemade Tomato Sauce (With a Secret Ingredient!)

This homemade tomato sauce recipe has a secret ingredient... and it is something you've probably been throwing away! Okay, you're right. Perfect tomatoes are THE MOST IMPORTANT ingredient, but that's no secret. I’ve added a little something else that adds a subtle layer of umami complexity. A Parmesan cheese rind. ...more
ZullyH Thanks for the Pin… and let me know what you think of the recipe. Funny how one little ...more