Bone Broth--Delicious, Nutritious, Healing & Sustainable

A few weeks ago, I visited local farming friends and mentors, Jonas & Judi Stoltzfus who own JuJo Acres over in Perry County where they've been raising Certified Org...more

A Homemade Cherry Pie to Die For

Read the full post here:  ...more

Assam Penang laksa

My last visit was more than 20 years apart ago. As a little kid then, I couldn't remember much - the memories were hazy. Only faint scene of my sister, brother and me playing by the beach building sand castles....more

Bean Burrito with Red Enchilada Sauce

I have been toying with the idea of making a few meals meatless a week.   One issue is that I don’t like beans all that much.   The other issue is my husband is totally against meatless meals.  The rising cost of meat alone is one good reason to attempt a meal a week that is meatless....more

Fresh Meal Fridays

As fresh as fresh can get: super easy Chicken Soup made from scratch....more
Talk about comfort food...this is it! As a kid I hated chicken soup (probably because of the ...more

Cookin' it Old School ~ Meatloaf

 Meatloaf is one of those foods that gets a really bad rap because it is so royally screwed up by so many cooks, professional and home, that most people just pass it by. This is so totally not right. Meatloaf shouldn't be some unidentifiable hunk of dried meat covered in a layer of gummy ketchup smothered in a mess of brown "gravy" as most restaurants/diners would have you believe. Granted this is how it is most commonly seen, but that doesn't make it right. Or edible. And there is much more to a good meatloaf than baking off a hunk of ground meat....more

Is Homemade Bread Cheaper Than Store-Bought?

Along those same lines, once you start getting away from bargain basement bread comparisons, homemade bread really starts to gain an advantage. Whole grain bread, English muffins, bagels, cinnamon swirl loaves, coffeecakes, dinner rolls and the like are all fairly expensive, and I am positive that the homemade versions save me money. Maybe making sandwich bread doesn't save me a bundle, but making cinnamon bread does. ...more
The kind of bread I bake at home costs upwards to $3.99 per loaf at the supermarket. I wouldn't ...more

Homemade Potato Bread

Last week I posted a potato roll recipe on my blog, and doing so inspired me to dig up my old potato bread recipe (because the box of instant potatoes I need to use up is still pretty full!). Like a lot of my bread recipes, this one comes from my 1970s Better Homes and Gardens bread book. ...more
Hi,   I am happy to report that my very sticky dough has produced very soft bread.  How do you ...more

Make a BLT from Scratch: Are You Up to the Challenge?

From cookbook author, blogger, and reportedly all-around nice guy Michael Ruhlman comes the ultimate summer challenge for serious cooks: make a BLT sandwich from scratch. Now if you're thinking to yourself, no big deal, I make BLT sandwiches all the time, read on to see why this challenge is for truly serious cooks. ...more

I had thought about whether there would be extra points for actually grinding your own flour for ...more