Picky Eaters...How We Manage

You know you have been that mom staring at that little face, eyes locked, waiting for that food to come flying at you. And then it happens BAM! You get peanut butter and jelly in the hair or my personal favorite yogurt all over the floor. They sneer at strawberries or pout at peas, what's a mom to do! ...more

Why is my Toddler Not Eating

Welcome to the first topic in our Life As A Toddler Series! Today we are discussing an issue that is happening right now with my daughter. I am sure we have all been there. Does this dinner time routine at my house sound familiar to you? Facing the issues of my toddler not eating has completely frustrated me. She ate so healthy as a baby. Kale smoothies, chicken (not nuggets, actual chicken), veggies, the works. Then one day, it stopped....more

Improvisational muffins, drawing, and a messy kitchen

Scraping and smearing, squishing and stirring. This is what we do when my 2 year old daughter and I make muffins. ...more