Sardines, Avocados and an Aversion to Portion Control

  This isn’t so much about creamy avocado. Nor is it about unctuous, oily sardines, crusty toasted bread or even fruity olive oil. This is about weight. My weight, your weight and Alton’s weight. ...more

Thai Style Fish


The Mamma Goddess

Lee-Ann I am Lee-Ann. I am married to an Italian Stallion, we  have 2 great little kids, a big loveable golden retriever and bossy cat. I am a stay at home mom blogging about what I do, be with my family, raise and support my children and try to be a good wife and mother. I also share my passion for photography....more

Tofu: What It Is, Recipes, Different Types and How To Use Them

 I utilize tofu often in my cooking and baking recipes. It's very easy to work with and so versatile. I am often asked what to look for when buying tofu, and the answer to that really comes down to what you are using the tofu for, so I thought I would include a rundown of the different varieties and what each kind is ideal for. ...more

Homage to Grandma

Yesterday was the two-year anniversary of my grandmother's passing, my dad's mom. I had forgotten all about it, even after posting to another person's blog about her own grandma. Here is her story:...more

Munchies for the big game

Our local football team the Baltimore Ravens are playing in the playoffs this weekend! To celebrate I am sharing a few of our favorite game day munchies. ...more

Just learning

So I am new to this site and I am learning.  So a little about me, well, I've been married since I was almost 19, one month before.  It was a pretty quick decision to marry my husband but it was the best decision, except for becoming reborn.  I have two absolutely wonderful little boys, Aiden and Josiah.  I cannot imagine life without there smiles and "back rubs."  My son Aiden is a chatter-box and is always telling me what he is doing or asking me questions about everything.  I love to read, write, and watch classic movies.  I am a huge fan of 19th centur...more

Ugly Ducklings

Oh, my poor family....more

Cultivating Food Entrepreneurs: Interview with Patricia Loya of La Cocina

"Fast forward four years later, she's the owner of her own company. Business is booming. She's growing her business . we can't fast forward to three generations from now, but the trajectory of her family, I guarantee you, has been changed forever."Early last month I chatted with Executive Director, Patricia Loya, about La Cocina, a San Francisco incubator kitchen for women....more

Why Changing One Thing In Your Life Can Change Your Whole Life...

I read on Twitter one day that a man made one change in his diet(gave up sugar) and lost 40lbs.  His point was that you didn't need a complete diet change, one change could do it all. I am beginning to think my "cooking to save" is my one thing that changes everything. ...more