Sunday Lunch...a serious repeat

If you check out my blog you'd understand why I say serious repeat. Last Thursday I made BBQ chicken whole wheat pizza for my MIL, then that Sunday I made 3 different whole wheat pizza's for my family back home...and now my husband invited 8 friends over so I can make 3 more whole wheat pizza's tomorrow for lunch. I was attempting to do a "Sunday Lunch" post every week and make something different...but it looks like it may skip a week. ...more

Michael Pollan: Cooking up a Sour Batch of Sexism

My book club is comprised of liberal, middle and upper-middle class, professional, Jewish women. In July, we read Michael Pollan's book, In Defense of Food. Given that we are his target audience (people - some of whom are moms - who care about the environment and health, who have some means to be able to shop in ways that support sustainability), it seemed like we'd love the book. We hated it. As my friend Molly said, "He doesn't recognize that by romanticizing how food was prepared in the past, he ensures that women cannot have jobs outside of the home, whether they want them or not." We all agreed that his fixation on "mother knows best" when it comes to cooking was a positive, yet sexist stereotype. ...more

I hope that you will come to all our future meetings of my book club so that you can dictate to ...more

The Best Mom on the Block

A collection of recipes made with love from my kitchen to yours. ...more

missing: sour cream

On Tuesday we made a taco-style salad for dinner – minus the actual “taco” part…everything BUT the taco part, actually… My job was to pull out all the “sides” like sour cream, cheese, salsa…and put them out on the counter. I was fine with that.  I can do that. Until I couldn’t find the sour cream.  ...more

What I'm Reading: A Life In France

Julia Child was 91 before she began writing the book about her journey, My Life in France. Her story is inspiring to me, not just because she became the phenomenon that is Julia Child, but because of the quiet truthfulness I find in her words. ...more

I milked a cow yesterday.

This weekend the girls and I went along with Danny to West Virginia. While driving, we're always on pins and needles waiting to see who will puke first. You never now who it will be, or what mile out. Could be 50 miles, could be 249. Could be the baby, could be Maddie, could be a chain reaction, usually ending with Mama. This time it was Daisy, at around 175 miles, 10:30 p.m. Silly me, I forgot to bring garbage bags, usually #1 in our traveling with kids kit. Garbage bags, paper towels, wipes, bucket, clorox spray, lysol, water.... ...more

Christopher Ranch's Big Debut On Nesting Newbies

Can Christopher Ranch's California heirloom garlic help make the transition to a new living situation a little smoother? Perhaps, according to the new online series, Nesting Newbies (, wherein Chef Lea McIntosh shares her cooking, entertaining and decorating expertise with newlyweds, those who are newly on their own and those who require a little assistance when it comes to cooking, entertaining and decorating their nests. ...more

Fried Green Tomato Sandwiches

One thing that I miss about living back in the South East is that you can’t buy green tomatoes in the grocery stores here in Washington state.  I don’t know why I expected to be able to do so out here, but it’s been painful.  Actually, most people who enjoy the loveliness of green tomatoes in the South East grow their own tomatoes and are able to harvest them before they ripen. ...more

You gals are so nice.  I was waiting for people telling me how disgusting that is.  It really ...more

Sopapilla Cheesecake

Posted by Lori at "Life's a Bowl of Cherries": ...more