It's OK to use Jiffy Mix, Honey

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I can pick up a case for you at the commissary right before the conference, ...more

California Garlic Doesn't Bite

I'm typically not a fan of things that bite - whether it's a dog, a cat, a teething child, horse, etc. One bite I don't mind, however, is that of fresh, California-grown garlic.Many share my love for the robust taste afforded by fresh garlic, but for those who don't, the complaint I often hear is - "The taste of garlic is too potent - it bites." This might be true, but like any great calamity, it can be remedied. ...more

Butterfinger Cake

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Broccoli Cornbread

Posted by Donna @ This cornbread recipe is definitely a crowd pleaser. I’m sure there’s someone out there that doesn’t like it; but down here in Southwest Oklahoma, it’s considered “lip-smackin” good. Broccoli Cornbread 4 eggs2 sticks butter, melted1 cup small curd cottage cheese1 (10 oz.) pkg. frozen chopped broccoli, thawed ...more

Waikiki Chicken

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How to Keep Your Burritos from Getting Dry (and other ways to ask for help).

This morning, I re-heated some breakfast burritos for my husband and me. His was ready first so he took a bite as I went to re-heat mine. After his first taste, my husband said "When you heat yours, be sure to turn it over so the edges don't get dry." His point was to let me know that there was a better way to make the burritos so I would enjoy them more. I took it to mean that I had ruined his breakfast and made it all dry. I told him that I was sorry for ruining his breakfast and got pretty defensive. ...more

Kids Can Cook

What with young children being such picky eaters, or wanting to "help" as you're trying to put a meal on the table, dinner time can become stressful at times.  But why not turn that pickiness and natural curiousity of wanting to help into some quality family time?  Whether you're cooking a kid-friendly or regular meal, there's usually plenty of tasks that younger kids can participate in.  Here are some jobs I have found work well in the kitchen, and don't compromise safety: - cracking eggs into a bowl (a separate bowl for less experienced egg crackers) ...more

Kids, Fruit & Vegetables - Yes in the same sentence!

Recently, we spent the weekend away with a couple and their 6 year old daughter.  Their daughter was still eating baby food bananas and no other type of fruit and carrots - but no other vegetables.  The mom is a finicky eater and the tradition was spreading.  After our first day together, the husband pulled me aside and wanted to know how I got my children to eat fruits and vegetables.    I told him I had always given them fruit and vegetables and made sure there were fruit and vegetables at every meal.  ...more

Oven Chimis - Chimichangas!

For dinner I made a fantastic main course that was super easy, freezes well and cost about a dollar per serving. Fantastic! ---- Click here to continue recipe and photos ---- ...more