Gluten-Free Blood Orange Pancakes with Blood Orange Syrup

When blood oranges are available, I love to buy plenty of them just for enjoying as they are, but sometimes, my “plenty” is just too much and in those cases, a recipe is in order. You can read about how stress buying produce can happen to the best of us, and how that can lead to delicious recipes like this one.Enjoy!...more

Thai Tomato and Carrot Soup

It has finally been a bit chilly in Southern California for the first time in quite some time.  With the chiller weather I wanted soup.  I like soup but don't like canned soup, nothing against canned soup but it is way too salty for me....more

Crockpot Chicken Breast with sweet potato and cabbage

The market that I shop at has been selling these big and I mean huge, mutant chicken breasts.  These things are so big that I only need to buy one breast and it feeds my son, my mom and myself.  Sheesh, these must be pumped!!  Last night I made salmon though I didn't post it and tonight will be chicken since I am trying to make sure we are not eating beef every night.  Later in the week, pork.  This recipe is really, really easy as all crockpot recipes are.  You gotta love the crockpot, throw it all in there and totally forget about it for 6-7 hours....more

Lemon, Garlic and Ginger Swai

Have you ever heard of Swai?  I hadn't, not before this last weekend.   Apparently it is from Southeast Asia and is considered a catfish that has a very mild flavor (follow the link for more information).  I bought the Swai for a couple of reasons.  One, I told my son that I was done cooking two dinners at every meal and second, after speaking with the butcher, this was a very unfishy fish....more

Simple How To: No Mess Cauliflower Prep

    You know you’ve thought it before… I’ll just buy frozen cauliflower florets. The fresh stuff is a pain to prep. Well, of course, it’s easier to just open a plastic bag and toss frozen florets in a bowl to heat but let me tell you, fresh cauliflower tastes so much better than frozen. It has more of an earthiness and if you are lucky enough to get a head of organic, local cauliflower, well you just consider yourself right up there with the lottery winners of the world, my friend. It’s good stuff....more

Foodie Friday - Eggplant and Tuna

A wonderful meal easy and full of flavour, from our table to yours. Click here for recipe...more

Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato, Basil Pizza

This recipe is a quick alternative to take out pizza. Broil the gluten free Ciabotta bread. Add on the ingredients to the bread and eat. Invite friends over for an easy, homemade pizza party. Or serve as appetizers at a family holiday gathering. This is a versatile recipe the whole family will enjoy.  ...more

Gluten Free Pasta Broccoli Salad

This meatless, healthy, broccoli salad will help you stay on top of those New Year weight loss resolutions. Well, ok, there might be some mayonnaise in this recipe but, it is not much. Just half a cup.  ...more

Vegan Mayonnaise

 Like most vegetarians, eating mayonnaise is out of questions. All the vegetarians I know, myself included, don't eat eggs.So, over the years, I have tried a few mayonnaise recipes but nothing came close to this one. What makes this recipe a perfect consistency is the Silken tofu. Once you make it, it looks exactly like regular mayoI added cardamom to make it more aromatic. Also, the taste is amazing....more

Gluten Free Apple Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Preparing  gluten free menus that are different and flavorful enough to keep the family interested is a bit daunting. Here's a new Chicken Recipe for the Gluten Free Dieter that is guaranteed to make everyone happy. And it's as easy as can be!  Apple-stuffed Chicken Breasts!  Come on over to ...more