Parenting Partnerships Require Compromise

So a parenting partnership sounds like it may be a good fit for you does it? That’s great, but before diving in, there are many steps to consider. One that stands out involves compromise and flexibility. Before the child is even born, you need to spend time thinking about how you want to raise your child and this opinion may shift several times. And that’s just your opinion. You need to take into consideration that your parenting partner will have his or her own opinion as well. And just like yours, theirs could shift with time....more

You are Deserving

  Yesterday was my first really hard day with the two boys. If Sully wasn’t crying, Arlo was. When one was hungry, well, so was the other. Dirty diapers? Exact same moment. And no one wanted to wait. When Taylor walked in the door, I felt relief flood me. I try not to brag on Taylor too often. I can feel eyes rolling through the computer when I gush over my husband. But sometimes, I absolutely have to. He took over. Sully was fed, both boys were bathed, and stories were read while I pumped and then had a glass of wine....more

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