It's going to get complicated, soon

There is some non-compliance going on with the decree at the moment, and I am mulling over the options.  Do I escalate and go to court and keep our boundaries firm?  I’m definitely one to say “choose your battles,” whether it involves a toddler or preschooler about to have a tantrum over a lollipop, or an elementary school student having a fit about homework or eating vegetables or what have you.  ...more

How To Leave In a Fiscally Responsible Manner

I am all about saving for a rainy day.  Too bad that rainstorm was the ending of my marriage.  I don't think anyone ever plans to leave a marriage when they tie the knot...more

Ms. Flexibility contemplates the end of the road

One of the things that the new attorney told me was that in cases like this, the high conflict ones, there’s always one parent who is more flexible, end of story, period.  It is rare, very rare, where she has seen a divorce and both parties are flexible on the same level.  I’m sure this sounds familiar to some of you divorced parent veterans out there.  I guess it’s no surprise to me, either....more

The Wicked Stepmother Story Sets a Child Up for Failure

Disney and other fairytales make the idea of blended families a scary concept. The message is clear: The scariest concept for a young girl is the absence of her real mother; she will forever be alone in a cold world, isolated and unprotected. ...more
My attempt at alleviating my daughter's fears MT BlogHer: "The Wicked Stepmother Story Sets a ...more

Relationship Lessons In Kindergarten: Will You Be My Girlfriend?

Our sport fertility vehicle (mini van) serves as our thought bubble. At any moment it becomes a confessional, a counseling office, an advisory committee office, or an executive suite. Who knew that upon buying this minivan it would serve so many mental and emotional purposes for our family. ...more

Co-Parenting Through the Holidays

Happy, happy halloween!

I am so looking forward to go trick-or-treating with the girls later—hurray!  They were so excited about Halloween that they got up all by themselves.  I let them wear their costumes to school (well, DD1 has a school contest, but that meant DD2 got to wear hers, too, but to be packed away once we go to preschool…which took a lot of effort, lol.)  I just love the holidays!...more

Update on the Even Keel

Well, after I agreed to his original “option #2,” he now wants to swap the entire week end for some time in the future.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t work for us, as we have plans already.  It is also quite disruptive to our schedules, period.  So after meditating on it, I replied with a very short email: I’d like to stick to the original offer of swapping Sundays.  Sincerely. ...more

The Even Keel

I’ve received an interesting inquiry from the Ex.  It has to do with a pending work trip for him, which would cut short his week end with the children.  He is proposing a few options, swapping week ends altogether, cutting the week end short and swapping just one of the days, or just having grandma watch the children (?).  ...more

On a happy note

DD1 had a great “DD1-only” night the other night.  It was so sweet, actually, while she was doing her homework, her tooth fell out, so the tooth fairy made a visit in the wee dawn hours (me suddenly waking up at 5:00am thinking—oh crap!!!!). ...more