Real is the New Perfect, But is it Fair?

I hide away sometimes within the safe confines of my own mind. That’s not fair, is it? I tell myself it’s easier to sweep my thoughts clear as opposed to sharing every single whim, plan, thought, or dream with my husband. Why do I do that? I share most things with him. And still, I don’t bare it all.  Just last night we were talking about our future plans. He’s really betting on me and that’s scary, right? No. It’s actually quite the confidence builder. But certain things I keep to myself. I don’t think he’ll judge, in fact quite the opposite. I think he likes to encourage my crazy....more

Note to My 19-Year Old Self

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: How Did They Just Disappear?

“It’s just like what happened on Lost,” he said.How had I not made that connection?It’s surreal in this day and age, with technology and resources we have available, that it is possible for a Malaysia Airlines 777 plane, carrying 239 people on board, to just disappear....more
Kathy this is a true wonder and a  terrible loss, the thought that this could have happened to ...more

I Am Not A Top Ten List

As I read various posts, links to stories which link to other stories, I see the repeating titles: "Six Ways You Can...", "Three Things To Do To Fix...", "Top Twenty...", "First Five..."; on, and on, and on. I did a search on depression. More than half of the suggested blog posts were lists. A search on anxiety was just as bad. Mental illness is a still very stigmatized condition and so is quite misunderstood and outright denied by many people. My sister-in-law doesn't believe mental illness exists (people are just lazy)....more
I feel your pain. I think it's sad that people don't understand how powerful the mind really is. ...more

The Most Effective Stress Reducer

 The Mos...more

This is how it feels

 Hello again!  I thought I'd start the new year off by revisiting an old post I had placed on a more private blog back in October2013 (with minor edits). This post deals with depression and anxiety, and getting fed up with them.  I have no answers for handling these things, and I barely understand their mechanisms.  But I think it is important to talk about them, to be open.  ...more

Sweet Memories: Remembering the Sugar in the Sour Moments of Grief

Image from Courtney's blog,

I Confess: I Cut Myself

I’ve added a link on the “Where to Get Help” page to To Write Love on Her Arms. I first heard about this organization from a fellow patient at the psychiatric ward I stayed in during my second pregnancy. The woman, whom I’ll call Gabi, suffered from anorexia, depression, and anxiety, and she coped by cutting herself. She would cut herself in lines along her leg to comfort herself when she was feeling stressed out....more

The artist

It’s important to know your strengths in life. During my last breakup, I drove all the way to a craft store to pick up art supplies in an attempt to express my feelings. Then I got there and realized, I have no talent for painting or drawing. I came back home and wrote a bad poem....more


im·po·si·tion n....more