I have always been one of those people who wears their heart on their sleeve. Hiding emotions has never been my strong point. You can always tell when I am upset. Until recently....more

Scapegoating Syndrome-5 Signs

Have you heard of Scapegoating syndrome? I hadn’t heard of it until I randomly came across this post in my facebook feed;  Scapegoating: When You Get Stuck Trying to Outrun Someone Else’s Shadow by Glynis Sherwood.  This article answered many questions for me. It solved a mystery that I just couldn’t figure out....more
survivelivethrive Me too, Jane! This has been a struggle for me but there are some unique ...more

Solo Parenting as a Mom with Depression

 My husband just finished a three-day backpacking trip....more

Eighteen Years and Counting

Dear Mom,Today marks a pivotal moment in our relationship. Eighteen years ago, my life changed forever when I held your hand for the very last time. At just 18, I had no idea what would come next. Up until that moment, I had been busy planning my senior prom, anticipating high school graduation, fighting with my loser boyfriend and dreaming about my first day of college—all with your help....more

Hope Floats: How I Survive

When I started posting on Blogher, I promised myself I wouldn't post the "poor me whines" type of blogs that are full of sorrow and self pity. I can cull through four years of constant "bliaries" that do just that and it bores me to re-read them. Once in a while, when I look back, I will find a gem and then it will get rehashed and put on my new page....more

Daily Journal: My backwards life

So what am I doing today. I worked… There’s 12.5 hours (without counting travel time) gone right there. I’m 12 hours flipped from a "normal life". My day starts at 3:00 PM when the alarm goes off…. I NEVER get up when my alarm goes off. My alarm is an abused thing. The snooze get used a lot. Then I have to squeeze in any Warcraft dailies I’m meaning to do and try to leave for food by 4:30 pm. Eat & write if I’m inclined....more

I wish Heaven had a phone

 Lugene Ann Colby 01/01/1956-04/25/1993My mama, my best friend, a woman FULL of spunk, love, endless dreams and laughs....more