Helpless to Helpful

Have you ever marveled at the attitude of invincibility common to toddlers?  I love to watch my young grandson, for whom every physical obstacle seems to be nothing more than a mountain that he delights in summiting.  In his eyes and his young mind, the world and the possibilities it offers him are without limit....more

When The Caregiver Needs A Caregiver...

 In well over thirty years of nursing, I've witnessed many a change in the Healthcare arena.The obvious changes are still the subject for debate on many political agendas that includes treating patients who cannot affford the cost of much needed medical & healthcare insurances so vital to their recovery. And providing care to those people who just have no healthcare insurance.On the heelsof a dire need to provide cost effective healthcare, comes the stress of elderly people on medicaid & medicare attempting to pay out of pocket for expensive medications not fully covered by their insurance. ...more

I worry about this so much. I work for folks who have the money to pay for around the clock care ...more

Announcing the Arrival of Later On

My aneurysm is old news. I've talked about it here and here and here and here....more

The Power of Three

 They say bad things happen in threes. I'm not sure who "they" are exactly but whenever a series of unfortunate events happen relatively close together, inevitably, someone chimes in with this oft quoted remark. Well, this past weekend I won the crap bowl trifecta. In varying degrees of seriousness, someone fell ill within a twenty four hour period leaving me reeling and pondering the power of friendship and goodwill....more

BlogHer of the Week: Susan of DC Metro Moms Blog

McDonald's seems an unlikely place for staging quality conversation with your 10-year-old, but for Susan McCorkindale of Confessons of a Counterfeit Farm Girl it's become a weekly haven of sorts. Her spare prose describing her son's reaction to change, and her resistance to smoothing over his fear with false assurances, resonated with her readers. ...more