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Let's set the record straight. I'm not a psychologist with years worth of research in my portfolio. I'm not a doctor who knows big words about specific sections of the brain and the hormones that they squirt into the body. I'm not a fertility specialist who can explain to you the complexities of coping with the emotional baggage that comes with having broken lady parts....more

Emotions and Dealing with Infertility

The husband and I have been trying to conceive for over two years now. Dealing with fertility issues has been as much an emotional journey as a physical one. In many ways the emotional journey has been more difficult than the physical one. Yes my body has gone through two mini-IVFs and two full ones, which isn't easy. But the physical discomforts are nothing compared to the emotional roller coaster of over two years of trying. ...more

A Shoulder to Lean On....Or Cry Into....

Today I was reminded of why I blog.  Well, one of the reasons anyway. I blog because it's like free therapy.  I can talk about whatever I want and put it out there for people that don't know me (and those that do) to take with a grain of salt or a quick laugh.  It's a way to connect with other people and see how other people are doing this or handling that.  But mostly I blog to help other women like me.  Women that are experiencing infertility and going through all the heartbreak it brings....more

The Unexpected Diagnosis

Infertility is not something I ever expected to deal with in my life. Despite the knowledge that it existed in my family I just somehow assumed that this little “gift” would pass me by.Fast forward to Alex and I “trying but not trying” for over a year and no results and reality slapped me in the face.  I think it mostly tapped Alex on the shoulder if I’m honest. He has and had expressed interest in having children, but he’s also been more of a shrug-of-the-shoulders attitude towards it for awhile....more

from two lines to one

from two lines to one I don't know if it's because it's been a year on Saturday, or if it's because we should have a three month old in this house, or if it's because my mind is quiet and the sadness of our miscarriage is seeping back in. ...more

Thanks to IVF, I Conceived Ten Years Ago Today

Ten years ago today, I conceived. It's an odd thing to be able to pin down the conception of one's child to practically the minute, but on this day all those years ago, the doctor harvested my eggs, the late husband contributed his "sample" and wee daughter's existence began....more

My Life Can't Begin Again Some Other Day

This morning I shed some major tears over my battle with infertility. I cried because tomorrow I will be a 35-year-old, childless woman. I cried because I also realized, for the first time, that I’m scared to have a baby. I have so many fears surrounding having a child, that I’ve kept hidden from myself. But it’s all surfacing now. And I’m wondering how much of my own fears have blocked my body from doing what is most natural. ...more
After three miscarriages in the space of a year, I can relate to your story and your fear that ...more

Words of Affirmation Help During Infertility

Infertility can be such a drag on your relationship with your significant other....more

Are You Courageous?

"Courage is from the Latin word, cor, meaning heart — the original definition was to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart." *...more

Infertility Can Be So Lonely

Sometimes -- pretty often -- this is how I feel; like no one's knocked on my door (or called, or emailed) for more than a thousand years. Isolated, segregated and ignored because of infertility. ...more
I am here in the same lonely boat. Currently my newsfeed on facebook is one announcement after ...more