10 Parenting Rules That'll Keep You Sane

Sometimes life gets the better of you. You’re exhausted, stressed, pulled in 28 different directions and bombarded by kiddie germs, and you need a proverbial—or literal—reboot.  I certainly needed one this week…and then I found this post, which I wrote a few months ago. It’s kind of cool when you stumble upon something you wrote a while back—in a happy, non-stressed state loaded with perspective—right when you need it. ...more
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Overeating to Numb the Past

Everyone has a story from their childhood which stains their persona, causing permanent damage in the pattern of grief or pain. We are human. That’s a perk of having a highly functioning brain and opposable thumbs.But how we handle those situations from our past is what forms our coping mechanisms. Let’s face it, some adults handle stress better than others. The remainder of us have stressors which trigger unhealthy behaviors....more

When love goes awry and you find yourself filing an Order of Protection against your spouse

To get to the point where you have to call 911 to have the police remove your husband from your home is an awful place to be.  I never saw it coming, that terrifying night in February when I found myself curled up in a ball, trembling and sobbing on my front patio, looking up into the faces of two police officers peering over me.  When one officer suggested that I go straight to the county superior court the next morning to file an Order of Protection against my husband, I didn't even know what that was....more

Four Ways That Being A Bookworm Can Help You Be A Better Parent

You’ve heard that some people become a better parent by reading parenting books, but here’s another thought—have you ever considered that reading any book (or magazine or newspaper) helps with parenting?...more