Snow Days

There’s something about snowLight and fluffy, serene and quite!  And beautiful…really, really beautiful!  Being from the south as I am, snow is one of those things that has always fascinated me. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to live up north and I applaud the folks who do.  They are pretty hardy stock but as for this girl, she is 100% southern breed…and in the south we don’t do snow!...more

Snow Days.

I'm sitting in Philosophy class and there's a debate on Divine Command Theory. I'm going to avoid getting too much involved in a heated discussion, by distracting myself with posting photos of our snow day here in Abbotsford. It was Vini's first week here and we got our biggest (and only) snow day of the year, and...Click Here for more + photos....more

B is for Butt and Bordom

My kids have been the recipients of lavish and abundant gifts from family and Santa Clause every Christmas. Even though they don’t get things other times (birthdays have present-free parties) between the three girls a considerable mass of playthings has accumulated over the last 8 years. Thus, when they are trapped inside the house because of inclement weather, the little turkeys have lots to play with … including each other. ...more

Hello Snow, Goodbye Christmas Tree

It’s a wee bit brisk in most of the USA today. I think the polar bear at the Indy zoo was brought inside because it was too damn cold, that’s how brisk it is here. ...more

Snow days, how you challenge my sanity

Snow days.  No school today or tomorrow.  Hopefully they will go back to school on Wednesday.I posted on Facebook, yesterday, a "thank-you" to Mother Nature for the timing of this Polar Vortex (that's a meteorological term I guess). Snow days are to be expected, but two of them in a row after my kids have already been home for two weeks on Christmas break is not cool....more

Surviving Snow Days: Have a Plan at the Ready

When I was a kid, snow days were awesome. I loved going to school, but there was nothing like the occasional unscheduled day off. It was like opening a present. I try to remember that every time my email pings at nine o'clock in the evening. ...more
fouragainsttwo That does work out well. My oldest two HATE doing chores with or without pay. ...more