First Birthday

"You must do the thing you think you cannot do." --Eleanor Roosevelt My mother celebrated her birthday today. She turned 82. This birthday was different-- her first birthday in 65 years without my dad by her side.She met Dad when she was only 17. Bright girl that she was, she’d graduated high school early and was already in what was known as “business college”—the 1940s version of today’s community college. Dad was 22, not long out of the Marines, returned from WW II in the Pacific....more
@HomeRearedChef Yes...of course! I forgot to say, "Happy Birthday!"...I was so wound up....more

Be the Nutella

We’ve all had those days as a parent (unless your child is a perfect angel, in which case, you can stop reading now.). You know the days of which I speak. They are the days where you lose all perspective. They are the days when your children have been pushing your buttons for hours. When they have been holding things over the toilet with an evil gleam in their eye and then dropping those things in the toilet when you make a move toward them....more

Standing Out in a Crowd

Gatekeeping (1st Edition)

How are you feeling?What are your plans for tomorrow?...more

There Is No "Normal" When a Baby Dies

I have read a lot of commentary about what happened last week when Fox News contributor Alan Colmes attacked Republican Party primary Presidential candidate Rick Santorum and his wife Karen for the "crazy" way they dealt with the death of their son soon after his birth in 1996. Political views and party affiliations aside, I believe what Mr. Colmes did was out of line on so many levels and felt sick as I learned about the incident....more
Having lost our daughter only 4 months ago, I am over sensitive for sure. However I am glad I am ...more


Sometimes when I look back on just how drastically our lives have changed since we found out Rowan has Lissencephaly, I'm amazed we've managed. Of course we had to first let the diagnosis sink in, which took quite a while for me. At first I remember not really believing it, I guess. And more than that, just trying so darned hard to not break. ...more

What if? – the slippery slope

 There were a few pieces of advice, words of wisdom, that were imparted to me when Neil died that I held on to.  I have always been the type of individual who would much rather learn through someone else’s experiences, than opting to live them first hand.  I’ve had enough experiences of my own to last a life time.The first piece of advice that I carried with me when Neil died was actually given to me during Neil’s first episode while we were married.  I have held on to this piece of advice for years....more

Going through the e-motions

9:00am: Starbucks – Feeling good9:45am: Church – Went to the wrong location.  No biggy  I can handle it.10:00am: Church – Went to the right location and somehow still made it on time.  Sweet!...more
Hi there, Shawna! Powerful post. I can't imagine the difficulty of what you are going through. ...more

Of Ponies, Life, and Laughter

November was not typical for me and my family.I’m wondering how much of what happened this month I should write down. What do I want to remember? What should I try to forget? Don’t worry, I’m not thinking about putting it all in this post. I wouldn’t do that to you.Some of this is going to be sad, so you don’t have to keep reading if you don’t want to. But not all of it is sad....more
@Reda I can't imagine how you must have felt to lose your dad at such a young age. I was lucky ...more

A Mother's Courage: "My Son Has A Rare Progressive Condition"

The greatest gift to a mother is her child. What became the second greatest gift for her was most unexpected -- a child with a rare disease. On September 11, 2002, when her son Hayden was two and a half, he was diagnosed with an extremely rare disease (only 700 people in the world have it) that over time causes the muscles and ligaments to turn to bone and render the body immobile. ...more
@KristineBrite, that sounds wonderful! Can you send me an e-mail at av.flox Let's ...more