Turtles "Happy Together" With Copyright Win Against SiriusXM

Flo & Eddie of The Turtles sued SiriusXM in August 2013 for infringement of sound recording copyrights.  The decison by the California court is a huge ruling for legacy sound recording owners and their heirs....more

Smile! You Aren't Breaking Copyright - Getty Images Now Free to Embed

The news of Getty Images is awesome for us bloggers. What news is that, you ask? They’re making a selection from their huge image bank available for free embedding.  Why is that a good thing? Because it’s legit.  ...more

Bloggers - Tag Your Stuff! A Cautionary Tale

I messed up. Before you read the rest, know that, and then at the end, when you're done reading, come back here and remember that. That, above all, else is the moral of this story.I messed up.Have you seen this yet?...more
Thanks for the info.  Very informative.  Just goes to show you that you really never ever know ...more

Make Money Off Intellectual Property

Is it possible to make money off of your intellectual property? And, what constitutes intellectual property anyway? Here's the Everyday Minimalist's approach to explaining and enjoying the fruits of your own IP. ...more


Did you know that when you buy and download those files, you are buying a copyrighted pattern from the designer?  And there are laws about sharing those files. Kathyhttp://handmadedresshaven.blogspot.com/...more

The Three C's (Copyright, Courtesy, and Common Sense)

I never thought I would have to be doing a post on this subject, but I guess I've been a little too trusting (naive?) when it comes to my writing. Suffice it to say, I cannot believe the nerve of some people....more

Watermarking Tools: Protecting Your Content Via Desktop, Web and Smartphone

In this age of content theft, a watermark can be a blogger’s best friend. While it doesn't prevent theft, it can help an image gone astray be returned to its rightful owner. It can also act as a kind reminder to those who might otherwise use what is not theirs. With all the apps available, watermarking your images doesn't require a graphic design background. From desktop to smartphone, here's a guide to making your mark....more
 @Laine Griffin I hope it helps! If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.more

Copyright: YouTube? Recipes? LOLCats? What's Safe? - A Follow Up on the Photo Debacle

                                        Photo by Alexander Henning Drachmann (cc)...more

Austin Kleon: creativity, copyright, and superstition

New York Times best-selling author Austin Kleon may be an advocate for creativity, but he also has a strange relationship with copyright....more

Whose Digital Files Are These, Anyway?

When I’m not writing blog posts for Chicago Web designers, you can often find me behind a camera. I’m not a professional photographer by any means – just a girl with an expensive hobby. But when I noticed that a number of photos a friend and I had taken at a local restaurant had somehow made their way to the restaurant’s business website, I knew something was wrong. Our names were credited at the bottom of each Web page, but the fact remained that no one had asked permission to use our photos on the site....more
 @alexash Thanks for your comment. Too many people think the Internet is a free-for-all, which ...more