Blogger Beware: You CAN Get Sued For Using Photos You Don't Own on Your Blog

One of the things I learned early on was that a post with a photo always looked nicer than one with just text. So I looked at what other people were doing for pictures.  And mostly it seemed that everyone was grabbing pics from Google Images and pasting them on their sites. Sometimes with attribution, most of the time without. And when I asked others (or looked at disclaimers on websites and Tumblrs), it seemed that everyone agreed using pics that way was okay under Fair Use standards. ...more
2) Giving credit to where you found a picture does not mean it's okay, you need permission from ...more

Facebook Recipes – Scams and Theft

I admit I am guilty of distributing “stolen” intellectual property. Like most of you reading this, I had no idea. I probably should have caught on sooner. I feel foolish, embarrassed and angry that I was duped into stealing from my fellow bloggers.Those recipes you have probably seen all over Facebook, extolling you to be sure to like and share it so you will be able to find it later are not only spam, they are misappropriated copyrighted material. Meaning they are stolen. Stolen from hard working bloggers like you....more

Food Bloggers Fight Storm of Facebook Pages That Are Stealing Their Content

Something ugly is happening on Facebook, and as a food blogger, I am not only disturbed, I am alarmed. People are starting Facebook pages that copy photos and recipes from food blogs and repost them on their pages, either without attribution or improper attribution. Some even go as far as to claim the photos and recipes are theirs. And some are actually threatening the food bloggers who contact them. ...more
This just happened to me. A Facebook fan page copied my whole text recipe with a different image ...more

How To Get Stolen Content Removed

One innocent day, I was looking around the "behind the scenes" of my site Bringing Up Bronwyn. If you aren't a blogger, there is a dashboard where you post from and you can add nifty tools and much, much more. Since I use wordpress as a platform, there is a spam blocker called Aksimet. It catches all the yucky comments like the stupid stuff that ends up in your email inbox. Occasionally Akismet will catch real comments by mistake. So I check in there on a semi-regular basis for real comments. I was surprised by what I found. ...more

I found out a post had been 'scraped' when I received a Google Alert.

My blog is hosted by ...more

On owning culture

We may like the idea of intellectual property at times, but for the most part we make our favorite pieces of culture our own without worrying about copyright, and this representation of the Little Prince on a grave proves it. ...more

(UPDATED) Lift a Blogger's Post? But Honestly, Cook's Source, You Can't Do That

In yet another case of misunderstanding blogging, Cook's Source magazine reprinted a blogger's piece without her permission. But wait! It gets better! When the author of the piece inquired about it, she was told by the editor that everything on the Internet is free domain. And! The author's piece was in need of so much editing, the author should compensate her for a job well done. I'll wait while you stop boggling. Done now? I'm not. ...more
Holy COW @JennaHatfield . That is unreal. I'll certainly add to the Twitter fire here. thanks ...more

AP Announces "News Registry;" Bloggers Hyperventilate

On July 23, the Associated Press set off a storm in the blogosphere by announcing a new scheme, a "registry" for tracking and protecting rights to its content. According to an AP press release, the new tracking system includes a "built-in beacon" alerting the news cooperative when its content is excerpted. ...more

If you did have the answer, you'd probably be too busy sorting through investment offers to ...more

Bloggers Infringing Photographer's Copyrights

Copyright infringement has become a big concern in the blogosphere.  Bloggers currently are the biggest copyright infringer’s photographer’s deal with. This problem has been an ongoing discussion in the photography community; photographers are getting very frustrated that their copyrights are being ignored... A lot of bloggers don't seem to realize you have to have a photographer’s permission in order to post a photo on your blog or you are breaking the law in several countries. ...more

The Bratz-Barbie Doll Fight. Who Really is The Winner?

When is $100 million dollars chump change? When the plaintiffs in a lawsuit were hoping to be awarded $2 billion dollars in damages. Things have not been going well for our girl Barbie. Ever since the Bratz came to town sales have been plummeting.   ...more