How To Get Stolen Content Removed

One innocent day, I was looking around the "behind the scenes" of my site Bringing Up Bronwyn. If you aren't a blogger, there is a dashboard where you post from and you can add nifty tools and much, much more. Since I use wordpress as a platform, there is a spam blocker called Aksimet. It catches all the yucky comments like the stupid stuff that ends up in your email inbox. Occasionally Akismet will catch real comments by mistake. So I check in there on a semi-regular basis for real comments. I was surprised by what I found. ...more

I found out a post had been 'scraped' when I received a Google Alert.

My blog is hosted by ...more

Protecting Your Blog Content: What to do if your blog content is stolen

As writers and sharers, bloggers are often confused, frustrated, and angry when their content is stolen. I have received several e-mails asking me what a blogger can do when her blog content is stolen. This week's article takes a look at the steps you can take when your intellectual property is used without your permission. ...more

Hi Melanie,

I wrote a post about How to Deal with Copyright ...more

Do you have an ego snark?

An ego snark is rated the snarkiest on the snark scale,commonly found in the office and boardroom, is self-centered, self-righteous and wants to still your ideas- Watch out! ...more

What bloggers should know about copyright protection for their writing and photographs

You can borrow other's people content and pictures as long as you attribute and link, right? Well, not exactly. ...more