Are You an Insecure Writer?

I am such an insecure writer that it has taken me no fewer than seven sentence changes to decide how to open this article.  And then, if that last sentence makes the cut, I will spend at least twenty-four hours worrying that I made the wrong decision for my opener.  I will also relentlessly check my stats, wondering all the while if my content is strong enough, interesting enough, informative enough, or just plain old good enough.  I will wonder why there aren’t more comments at the end of the post or, if anyone does decide to comment, I will visit their blogs and wo ...more
Dawn, I really liked this post and struggle with all the same feelings. I have finally taken the ...more

Dawning on me

It's funny... and may be nothing more than coincidence (though I prefer to think of these occurrences as having more import, somehow)... that sometimes everything happening in your life seems to be guiding you, gently, in the same very clear direction. It all started back in December when I decided that one of my goals for 2012 was to become a better writer. ...more

Avoid These 7 Deadly Sins of Writing

Whether you're writing articles for publication or copy to promote your business, you may be committing these seven deadly "sins" in your writing. Here's an explanation of each sin as it relates to writing, along with links explaining each sin in more depth and offering tips to avoid them. ...more
very good and informative article.  Well done.more

Red Thunderbirds, Turtles and Queen Anne’s Lace

I was struggling with writer’s block this afternoon so when my mechanic called and said my car was ready I jumped at the chance to get away from my laptop.  The only problem—my husband was on a sales call so I didn’t have a ride.  At first I decided I’d have to wait until he got home.   Then I thought “Hey, I can walk four miles.  And if I can’t, I have bigger problems than my car!”  I also figured I needed to clear my head a bit and a walk would do just the trick.  Full of energy, I grabbed my running shoes and away I went, forgetting that it was a humid 97 degrees in Cincinnati today.  I took a few short cuts through the neighborhood but got a bit self-conscious walking through yards so I headed back to the main drag.  It would have only saved about a half mile anyway.  (That thought later haunted me as the humidity caught up with my enthusiasm for this little adventure.)  Once out of my neighborhood and onto the busy thoroughfare it was like an awakening of my senses.  I had driven this route for the past 12 years but now I started to notice things.  The dips in the road (which now seemed more like full-on valleys).  The smell from the horse farm adjacent to my neighborhood.  The height of the Queen Anne’s Lace that lined the shoulder.  As I looked at the “weed” I remembered how I used to bring bouquets of them to my mom nearly every day in the summer.  God love her for always prominently displaying them in a vase on our dinner table.  Quality is definitely something to behold!   It was getting a bit hotter now.  Glad I wore that running outfit, even though there would be no running on this journey!  My pace slowed and in hindsight I’m glad because I probably would have missed the turtle.  I almost stepped on him before recognizing the little guy as a living creature and not a rock.  I was amazed when I realized by his position that he had just crossed the road (yep, apparently just to get to the other side).  There I was, cowering in the ditch every time a car flew past, staring in amazement at this fearless creature who braved the traffic just to get where he needed to go.  Talk about being laser focused on your destination! Just into my third mile I started to rethink my decision to walk, as I’m pretty sure it was now about 120 degrees outside.  Yet, my mind was reeling with ideas for the writing project I had found so daunting just 45 minutes ago.  (I’ll save you the calculation time…I was clipping along at a 15-minute mile pace, still very proud of myself.)  I saw something red on the ground in front of me.  As I got closer I realized it was a tiny red Matchbox® corvette.  Delirious from the heat I started singing “Little Red Corvette” to myself (or out loud, I’m not really sure).  Reliving my days as Prince’s number one groupie gave me just enough energy to get through my last mile.  I drug myself into my mechanic’s shop and paid for my unplanned repair.  I’m sure Jeff is still wondering about the cause of my sweaty red face.  As I settled into the driver’s seat, never more grateful for air conditioning, I felt something jab me in my pocket.  I pulled out my little red corvette and examined my prize closer, this time with my glasses on.  I discovered it was actually a Thunderbird.   Those who know me well are probably laughing because you know I’m not a car buff.  That’s ok though because at the time what I needed was a Corvette.  I guess it’s all in the art of how something solves a pain!  Wishing you a relaxing, unexpected walk of your own today.  Quality marketing content that’s laser focused on helping you solve your customers’ business pains.     ...more

Copywriting with a Bite to Hold Your Reader’s Attention

By Bob Speyer, Web Success TeamEvery website owner is competing for the hearts and minds of their visitors. Keeping their eyeballs transfixed to your site can lead to more business and increased revenue. Making that important good first impression is the result of great direct response copywriting. Your content must engage the visitor within the first 15 seconds, giving them reason to stay, read and navigate through the site....more

When business and friendship collide

I am not good at boundaries. Are you? And, when it comes to working with or for friends, the lines can get very blurry. I'm not sure if you've experienced the same, but I have officially come to the conclusion that I suffer from temporary insanity. As the old adage goes, when you exercise the same behavior and expect the results to be different...hence, once again I crossed the friendship-business line without proper preparation. It's never a good idea. ...more