Avoid This Fundamental Content Marketing Mistake

I'm pretty serious about my cycling (I'm a roadie, btw.)I ride my bike on the trainer for 90 minutes at a time, 5-6 days a week. When I ride outside, it's often 3,000'+ of climbing a pop.With that, comes a whole lotta muscles that resulted in less-than-skinny-jeans-friendly big legs.I haven't been too happy about that.So I went ask the Google to see if I can train while avoiding big thighs.Turns out, there ARE people writing about big legs and cycling....more

4 Content Marketing "Balancing Acts" So You Can Have It All

If you want to use your content to reach a bigger audience, generate leads and convert clients, and you don’t want to sound like a formulaic slimy internet marketer… listen up.To start, don’t fight the “rules.”You’ve gotta learn them before you break them....more

9 Things Your Might Have Missed In Your Lead Magnet

This article is a sneaky peek to the upcoming Content Marketing in Plain English FREE Webinar Series....more

Mindless Implementation is the Enemy of Great Content

Content marketing is hot.And with anything hot, there are templates, checklists, and formulas popping up everywhere.Best practices are there for a reason.But if you implement them mindlessly – spitting out listicles and how-to bullets just to go through the motions so you can check “content marketing” off the list – you’re doing more harm than good.We’re drowning in mediocre content. We don’t need another list of 10 tips to whatever with no unique perspective or consideration for how your readers can make the most out of such generic advice....more

4 Essential Content Marketing Components Made Simple

With all the analytics tools that are available nowadays, you can slice and dice all the data and metrics to death and still feel confounded when it comes time to write content that'd truly resonate with your ideal audience.As a solo practitioner or small business owner, you're not leveraging your advantage if you fight the “big guys” on the turf where they have a team of analysts pouring over metrics and data and a content factory pumping out stuff every single day....more

4 Content Marketing Mistakes Made by Coaches, Consultants, Solopreneurs & Small Businesses (and how to fix them)

You've probably heard of content marketing -- it's an important component of inbound marketing, which can yield excellent ROI (return on investment) for businesses of any size if executed properly.Good news is -- it's not as fancy as it sounds. You're probably already doing some kind of content marketing, be it in the form of blog posts, videos, podcast, books/ebooks, special reports, print articles etc....more

How to Write Killer Blog Posts Even If You Are a Lousy Writer Like Me

“Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere.” ― Anne LamottGreat blogs don't happen without great content.Great content doesn't happen without growing pains.Here's how I went from being a lousy writer to consistently writing blog posts that bring in thousands of visitors to Traffic Generation Café every day - with a step-by-step routine to help YOU write killer blog posts too....more

Step Out of the Marketing Echo Chamber

This article is a call to put more intention into the way we market our products and services – because our actions inform how we perceive ourselves, which affects how we think and act subsequently.A fraction of a degree off course and you could end up at a completely destination over a long journey....more

Build Trust and Credibility with a Powerful Personal Brand

If you’re a coach, consultant, solopreneur or small business owner – you can’t afford to leave your personal brand up to chance....more

Personal Branding for Coaches, Consultants, Solopreneurs & Small Businesses

Good user experience, copy or design don't materialize out of thin air.Effective marketing depends on high-quality input.If your input is not meaningful, the output won't be impactful.(Kind of like the law of physics… the energy you put into a system is always higher than the energy that got spat out – because there’s always inefficiency, aka lost in translation.)What’s meaningful input?There’re many aspects you need to consider, based on the “output” you’re looking for....more