Uncorked: Recycling for winos

While enviros have a rep for hoarding all manner of crap for fugly craft projects, wine corks are one of those items that even avowedly non-enviros tend to collect in jars or other clear containers, for reasons that remain somewhat unclear to me (perhaps as a reminder of good times had while slightly tipsy?). So for all of you with a cork stash that's getting too large, here's a roundup of eco ways to dispose of said stash: ...more

I received 1 st loans when I was 20 and this ...more

Woman drinks wine, unwittingly threatens endangered animals

I love wine. I really do. And I've drunk a fair amount of it during the weeks since I started my plastic project. But it wasn't until I read this article a couple of days ago that it occurred to me that some of the wine corks I've pulled have been made of plastic! [....] So why are plastic corks, in addition to all the usual plastic problems, threatening endangered animals? Find out here. ...more

Isn't it something how everything affects our environment? Thanks for pointing this ...more