Interview with Deborah Perry Piscione, Secrets of Silicon Valley Author

After almost two decades working in Washington DC on Capitol Hill, in The White House, and in the media as a political commentator for CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC, Deborah Perry Piscione moved to Silicon Valley. What she discovered there shocked her. The hidden secrets inherent in the unique ecosystem that is Silicon Valley are ones that everyone could benefit from. This is what inspired her to write Secrets of Silicon Valley: What Everyone Else Can Learn From the Innovation Capital of the World. ...more
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Activating The Woman Effect

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The Perils of "Easy" Consensus: Leaders, Do Your Job

Throughout my career I’ve had experiences with government, nonprofit and corporate cultures, and I’ve noticed a leadership pattern in all three that any leader can learn from.Consensus means different things to different people. Be brave. Do Your Job.Don’t take the ”easy” path....more

Sanity Challenge: Powerful Bosses Don't Listen

And you thought it was just you.New research confirms that the more power(*) a manager or leader has, the more likely they are to ignore advice....more

Innovation Challenge: Humans Reject Creativity

Breaking news for creative types: you're not crazy. Your innovative ideas really are being ignored, downplayed, sidelined and squashed....more

Don't "Do" Leadership

New Study: #1 reason for leaders’ failure today, inability to build team relationships.Old Problem: Weak leaders think they lead by doing stuff....more

5 Ways to Advance Amid Dysfunction

Old boss - mentoring and advancement opportunities. New boss - frustration, competition, neglect, stupidity and powerlessness.What's your strategy for getting ahead now?...more

Forget The Gender Debate – Let’s Transform The System

Ladies, why are we waiting for The System to recognize the overwhelming evidence that companies with women in leadership outperform those without?...more

Co-opting the Power of the Toxic Boss

Culture-Making Mastery Statement...more

Why Is Speaking Truth To Power So Hard?

I have read several blogs of late that encourage aspiring leaders to speak their mind with some version of “CEOs say they want people to tell them the truth”....more