Survey says....Shameless!

I blame “Silkwood.” Also, “All the President’s Men.” So many events of late have started out just like the plotlines of some of the movies (based on true stories) I grew up watching. The common—and satisfying—thread was something like this:Evildoers, doing evil >>>Evil discovered, usually by an underdog at a great personal risk or cost >>> Evil EXPOSED! >>> Evildoers slink off >>> Righteousness prevails! >>> THE END....more

Preacher du jour - expired

A well-known, 'people's' preacher just died a few days ago. He was 60 years old, has (as customary with Islamic preachers who'd burst to stardom & get a ton of money in short time) several wives, and probably a dozen children - most are grown (don't do the math. I developed a nasty migraine when I tried)....more

Be Thankful for Your Anger

by Gina Simmons, Ph.D....more

The Unintended Result: When "Good" Laws Go Awry

The Mundane Decisions   As a parent of two young children, I have to make decisions all day every day that will aff...more

Corruption as a Mother of Terror

Corruption is just a particular case of the money obsession that truly became some kind of an "anti-national idea" in Russia. Everyone has heard the furious Patriarch Kirill’s rebuff to the self-seeking cab drivers, who have jacked up the prices for their services and driven the people after the explosions in the metro demanding the crazy rates. However, the cynicism of some of Russian fellow compatriots seems to be boundless....more

Women and children, elderly and disabled victims of Schwarzenegger budget cuts

Banksters get billions in bailouts, zero percent interest and then turn around and charge 2-3 percent when lending to US. No such break for women and children, elderly and the disabled, as former actor and California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced $19 billion in budget cuts....more

Danziger Seven Investigator Pleads Guilty to Katrina Shootings Cover-Up

While we in New Orleans bask in the glow of Super Bowl victory, Hurricane Katrina ghosts still haunt us. On February 24, yesterday, the story finally broke that Michael Lohman, a former New Orleans Police Department officer, had confessed to conspiring with other officers to cover-up the truth of what happened on the Danziger Bridge September 4, 2005 after the city flooded. ...more

New Jersey's Topsy-Turvy Race for Governor

For a lot of national political operatives, the New Jersey governor's race, which wraps up next Tuesday, is a high-stakes game of poker, a test of Pres. Barack Obama's coattails, and a possible foreshadowing of the 2010 Congressional campaigns. For this New Jersey voter, and, I suspect, many others, it's a welcome end to a largely uninspiring partisan snipefest....more

Although I've heard a fair bit of analysis about this race, yours is the most thorough and in ...more

Sources Say The Informant! is Worth the Exclamation Point

I am so excited for my date tonight with a man known for his toupe, bad moustache, recent weight gain and prison sentence.  The Smothers Brothers, the stalker chick from "Two and a Half Men," a punctuation mark and Decatur, Illinois are also involved.  AND Scott Bakula! (Who didn't love "Quantum Leap?") ...more