Don't co-sleep (with your husband)

We've all seen those old television sitcoms (or at the very least, Fred and Wilma Flintstone) where the husband and wife are sleeping in separate beds. This mostly had to do with The Production Code of 1930 (also known also as the Hays Code), which, among other things, forbid showing a married couple with a double bed. Here's a link if you would like to learn more. But maybe they had the right idea....more

How to Fail at Sleep Training - PegCityLovely

I miss my fiancé and I sleep right beside him. It’s been 18 months since I've had some quality sleep and cuddle time with my hubby-to-be.  Well, almost 18 months, that's when we had our beautiful son, J, and yes, he sleeps with us every single night. Ok, so maybe not 18 months, more like just over a year as he was in his bassinet for the first few months....more

The Real Dangers of Co-Sleeping

Thank you for bearing with me for the past two weeks while we reset our life by three zip codes. I’m feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and we are now completely unpacked in the downstairs bathroom. And here I thought we’d be unpacking for months -- we’ll be living out of boxes for the next two years!...more
@Cheryl M. My 18 month old headbutted me HARD just this morning.  I seriously saw stars and I ...more

Three Co-sleeping Myths


Midnight Melodrama

Yeah, I might be a crunchy mommy.  I'm all about medicine being a last resort, breastfeeding (extended when possible), natural birth (I have an advantage here of extremely short labors) and co-sleeping.It's that last one that's been getting to me.Now - co-sleeping evolved naturally for me.  I discovered that it was fantastically easy to breastfeed and sleep at the same time.  It was a win-win situation....more
 @victorias_view lol - I thought he WAS in a deep sleep last night.  Apparently he wasn't. ...more

So I guess we're doing the family bed.

Sleep has always been an issue in this house including sleeping arrangements. Louis and I both have battled insomnia and I swear the man gets up to pee 52 times a night. The constant tossing, turning, and up and down from both of us kept the other one awake. It turned into this game of musical beds, traveling all over the house just to get some sleep. ...more

NaBloPoMo Day 21: Guest Writer: Cosleeping: I’m doing it wrong – or am I?

This is an excerpt from today's post Guest Writer: Cosleeping: I’m doing it wrong – or am I?...more

Co-Sleeping Controversies: Are Scare Tactics the Way to Make Change?

A recent ad campaign in Milwaukee likens co-sleeping to putting a baby to bed with a big sharp butcher knife. Well, of course that is dangerous. So is putting a baby to bed in the beds pictured in the ads - big cushy pillows and blankets. But that is not what co-sleeping is about....more
It's interesting to think of an ad similar to this here in Alaska. I'm not sure it'd go over ...more

Cosleeping Ad Sparks Needed Conversation and Controversy

I'm not sure how I feel about the ad that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal about cosleeping.  At first I was all for it, and let me tell you why.  I've lived in Milwaukee area for 12 years now, and many times a year, on the news there is another story about a cosleeping death.  They all happen on the other side of the tracks, and many have been called SIDS caused by cosleeping.  ...more
@elaineR.N. yes i agree Elaine, a crib that attaches would be perfect. it's a shame that it had ...more

Cosleeping? You're Not in the Boom Boom Room Anymore

Deciding to co-sleep with baby is a major decision that will affect your family as well as your bedroom. You must consider how your bedroom will metamorphose when you introduce a tiny, erratic sleeper. Not only will the look of your room change -- burp cloths here, a crib and changing table there, glider rocker in the corner -- but the room's personality and function will change. Its sex appeal will evaporate leaving a castrated version of your kinky love nest. Quicker than you can say, "Not in front of the baby, Honey," your former Boom Boom* Room, where baby was made, will be converted into a room for baby's rest and pleasure alone....more
@sassymonkey I know, right? The song was playing on the radio and I couldn't get it out of my ...more