Baby Boy Breathing in My Ear

Nestled up against me, breathing in my ear, tracing the mole on my cheek and quietly whispering about dots (the mole), I am in love with my little boy and thankful for all the hours of cuddling, sleeping next to him, and carrying him around in a front pack under my winter jacket because it has led to moments just like this....more

how romantic...

This is one of my favorite songs playing on the radio right now:  Sigh. Just how romantic is that, anyway?I don't get much in the way of romance these days....more

Toddler Sleep... or Lack There of.

Oh my weary bones. When will they get to rest? Athena was a very high maintenance baby, never slept in a crib, always slept with me, and didn't sleep through the night until she was 2 1/2. When I was pregnant with Zofia, people assured me that the 2nd one is always easier. The parents are more relaxed, they have more experience, everyone wins. We started off on the right track with Zofia. She liked her own space, slept in a crib in her own room, and routinely went 4+ hours between nursing after 2 months. ...more

Parenting Online - Part 1

As a first-time parent, I did a lot of research online.  I looked at Kelly Mom, at Dr....more

I never knew this was possible - but now I do

1. Natural childbirth.I said from the beginning of my pregnancy that I wanted to have a natural childbirth, and by natural I mean vaginally and NO DRUGS. Generally people would laugh and say “We will see how that goes”….even my Family Doctor! Needless to say, I decided to have a Midwife for my prenatal/postpartum care, simply because I knew they would be more supportive than an OB-GYN. I did manage to do it all natural, which I’m sure surprised everyone (even myself in a way because I do have a tendancy to point out to everyone every second I am in pain....more

Why Blog?

I……That sat at the beginning of this blog post for about 5 minutes before I realized, I have no idea what to say. I guess I figured that blogs need some sort of starting point or purpose, and to be honest I’m not sure what purpose or point I even want to give this blog.If I think hard enough, I think I want to accomplish a couple of things through my blog. A) I want to be able to connect with people who are similar to me.I live in a small city, and I am a young mom. This can come as a disadvantage because it is hard to find people who are on my level....more

FOX News says Infant Co-sleeping Deaths Linked to Formula Feeding

A FOX News report has linked co-sleeping deaths to formula feeding. The report, which I found to be quite balanced (though somewhat sensational), is based on a number of co-sleeping or bed sharing deaths in the city of Milwaukee and the city's message that there is no such thing as safe bed sharing. ...more
It does seem somewhat ridiculous how heated people get about this topic and how adamantly they ...more

Changing Parenting Techniques: Help Me Escape the Family Bed

While preparing for my son's birth, I carefully researched sleeping arrangements for newborns. I knew that I was having a C-section and that I'd be nursing, so I needed him fairly close. I thought that co-sleeping might be the best option, but I was concerned about the softness of my bed and looked into options that keep him close but in his own "bed." I didn't care for the in-bed sleepers -- that might have been an option with a king-sized bed, but my bed was too small for that....more

Renee, I forgot to add...I taught childbirth education for many years.  One thing I ...more

Coming Out of the Cosleeping Closet

That’s right: I cosleep with my baby.  It is not something I do because I’m too lazy or inept to make him sleep on his own, or because I have some unhealthy need to make him overly dependent on me, or because I am simply too stupid to know better.  It was not a “bad habit” that we formed.  It is a conscious decision that I made based on research and what felt right for us. ...more