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My January favorites!

I like to share today my favorite products from January! Products I loved and used a bunch! ...more

Out of Forehead Experience: The Dark Side of Botox

Ok, I admit it.  I’ve had Botox - once.  I had it done to the lines on my forehead.  The shots were basically painless, which is a good thing (but, we’re women, pain is irrelevant) And, the Botox did work in pretty much eliminating the lines.  Temporarily, of course.  The results lasted maybe 6 weeks.  But, here’s the kicker: I could not raise my eyebrows, at all, period.  It was like my forehead no longer belonged to me.  It wasn’t really numb to the touch, but I had absolutely no muscle control of the area.  It freaked me out!...more

Skin Foundations For Different Skin Types

Some types of skin foundations work more effectively for different skin types. Read on to find out what will work best for you.Acne Prone Skin And Oily Skin:Oil-free, matte or semi-matte foundations are best, because they are least likely to aggravate the acne. However, these do not cover or last as well as the oily foundations, they are more difficult to apply and tend to collect around skin blemishes. Loose transparent powders applied over the oil-free foundation gives longer coverage. For skin with many comedones, sheer foundations are best....more