Women Over 50 Spending More on Beauty Online

What turns back the clock reliably? What slows the development and appearance of wrinkles? Why, facial exercise, of course! Just like exercise works to ensure a more youthful body appearance, facial exercise concentrates its efforts to lift, tighten and tone muscles that have been losing their vitality due to atrophy. When facial muscles droop, you see sagging eyelids, spongy cheeks and a flabby neck. ...more
i agree with you all that it is best to have a proper healthy lifestyle if you wish to look ...more

Beauty and Personal Care Ingredients To Avoid

Well-researched ingredient lists are now available in the realm of personal and skin care products. If you’re looking for a clean cut list that matches the ingredient list on labels, I’ve included here a list of the best links on ingredients to avoid, as well as some relevant product lists. read more... ...more

A Guide to Natural Skin Care Preservatives, Part 1

Natural products based on plant-based ingredients attempt to circumvent the use of synthetic preservatives, but there is a limit to what they can accomplish effectively. In Part 1 of this guide, I provide an overview of “what you need to know” about preservatives in personal care products, as well as methods for “do-it-yourselfers”. Is there a such thing as a personal care preservative that is not bad for you? read more... ...more