Liar Liar Your Face is Melting: Plastic Surgery Denials

The pressure to be incredibly talented, globally influential and drop dead gorgeous is par for the course in celebrity culture. An expectation which, combined with loaded wallets and paparazzi fear, inevitably leads to the plastic surgeon’s office.And who can blame them? If you could just stick your hand in your pocket and purchase aesthetic perfection because you were preoccupied with vanity, then why wouldn’t you?!...more

Social Networking and Cosmetic Surgery Patient Privacy

We live in a world where life happens on and offline in real time. We're constantly connected, engaging, and interacting with friends, family, professionals and services via the internet. However, as we move forward more and more businesses are becoming socially active, including doctors and clinics....more

I think most doctors are utilizing releases when using photos. I wonder however if they are ...more