Why American Women Hate Their Faces and What They Could Learn From the Brits

One cannot watch the Oscars -- or any grand Hollywood event -- and not be swept up in the fashion, the pageantry, the suspense, the... cringe-worthy sport of seeing just which aging actress has ruined her face.Seriously, I sit and watch these things and wonder out loud: "Why do American women hate their faces so much?" Because they must, right? They would have to be filled with such loathing to make the inexplicable decision to take what we typically call our "calling cards" -- our faces -- and mutilate them to the degree so many do....more

Why I Am Considering The Never-Before-Would-I-Ever-Consider Plastic Surgery

Early in my adult life, I would see people have cosmetic surgery and think, "I am never doing that, ever!" There are parts of my face that I think could use a "redo," but when it comes down to it, these features are what God gave me, and unless they are doing me harm or causing me pain, they are what makes me look like me, so I've never had the desire to go "under the knife" to improve my looks. The one part of my body that I figured was going to challenge that thought process was my breasts. It has always been the topic of conversation among my friends - my large boobs....more
@FatCat  Thank you! I was actually watching Oprah last night and thought, this woman has all the ...more


At What Age Should You Consider Cosmetic Surgery? By Karen Norris

Gosh! I'm going to need an over fifty account and start saving! I think it might be easier on my ...more

What Kind of Example Am I Setting by Getting a Face Lift?

The idea of someone messing around with my face is scary. And I know someone who knows someone who knew someone who died during a tummy tuck. What if I slip over the thin thread of life that holds the patient during anaesthsia, leaving my three girls? Indeed, what kind of example am I setting for them by undergoing elective surgery? ...more
i'm at the age where the thought crosses my mind...more


I have these two nice quilted throw pillows on my bed; they used to be all smooth, marred only by a dot of black ink from when I dropped a pen on one. Then I washed the covers. They came out spanking white, but wrinkly....more

Mixed Emotions

I recently won $400 in Velashape treatment from Dr. Oz.  I have mixed emotions.  As a woman who's about to turn 50, the thought of being able to eliminate some cellulite thrills me!!  As a woman who is also a certified chicken-s..t, the thought of being lasered terrifies me!!Let's face it...it doesn't matter how thin you are, everybody has it.  One of the most horrid words ever...cellulite!  I have an opportunity to do something about it.  So why am I so scared?...more

Bridalplasty and Promo Codes: Don't Bargain Shop for Plastic Surgery

We all want to be fiscally responsible, but there are some things that we should not bargain-shop for. Plastic surgery is one such thing. Here, you can look at some things to consider if you're interested in having some work done. ...more
Dr. Ourian also "discovered" that Botox can be used for hair regrowth, right? I agree with ...more