Mixed Emotions

I recently won $400 in Velashape treatment from Dr. Oz.  I have mixed emotions.  As a woman who's about to turn 50, the thought of being able to eliminate some cellulite thrills me!!  As a woman who is also a certified chicken-s..t, the thought of being lasered terrifies me!!Let's face it...it doesn't matter how thin you are, everybody has it.  One of the most horrid words ever...cellulite!  I have an opportunity to do something about it.  So why am I so scared?...more

Bridalplasty and Promo Codes: Don't Bargain Shop for Plastic Surgery

We all want to be fiscally responsible, but there are some things that we should not bargain-shop for. Plastic surgery is one such thing. Here, you can look at some things to consider if you're interested in having some work done. ...more
Dr. Ourian also "discovered" that Botox can be used for hair regrowth, right? I agree with ...more

Does She or Doesn't She? Only Her Plastic Surgeon Knows For Sure

If you could afford it, would you do it? For me, it's not a real question since money will always be an issue, but let's make believe that you had all the money in the world. Come on, indulge the dream for just a minute and while you're at it, consider that face that greeted you in the bathroom mirror this morning. Puffy? Sad? Exhausted? Wrinkled? All of the above? How about a little botox to smooth out those frown lines?  Maybe a tiny bit of collagen, just enough to flesh out those thinning lips?...more

Permanent Make-Up: Would You Do It?

Permanent makeup, as we know it, has been around for about three decades.  Now a mainstream service, both women and men are paying to have their eyes and lips permanently lined, their lips and eyelids permanently colored and eyebrows tattooed in. The reasons are varied – some have lost their facial hair to alopecia and want eyebrows permanently placed so that they no longer have to worry about drawing them in every day. Some are too infirm to apply their own make-up. Others do it simply for beauty – to wake up feeling ready for the day and heading out the door with already painted lips and eyes. For many, it’s a dream come true. But for others, these procedures can lead to infections, pain and permanent scarring or disfigurements....more

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Owning My Beauty: Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Nose (Sort Of)

A couple of years ago, Ashlee Simpson got a nose job. It’s not the sort of thing that I pay attention to, usually –- the rate of cosmetic surgical alteration undergone by celebrities major and minor is far beyond anything that I could or would want to keep track of -- but for some reason, Ashlee Simpson’s nose job really bothered me. I ranted a bit about how fashion magazines were treating the story -- Marie Claire, for one, took Ms. Simpson to task for altering her nose –- and said some things about hypocrisy and the social construction of beauty. And then I asked myself, so? What of that? Why does this bother me, really? Why do I care? ...more

I, like so many other posters on here, was teased for my nose as a youth. "banana nose" or "I ...more

In Sickness and In Rhinoplasty: Bridalplasty Marks a New TV Low, So Sign Me Up!

Do any of my people know any people at E! cable television network?  Because I want an audition, stat, for the most amazing, horrific, Frankenstein mash-up reality show competition to occur in these few precious months before the end of civlization:  Bridalplasty! ...more
No, I'd never watch it. When I remarried I was a 39-year-old widow with three kids. I figured my ...more

On Aging– Hopefully Gracefully

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. – Mark Twain If there’s one thing that no one in this world is exempt from, no matter how rich, how poor, how thin, how nice, how evil, how generous, WHATEVER… it’s AGING. Yes, we are all aging. And we are all fighting it at the exact same rate as the next person. Some will age better, some worse, but it’s a process we all must face whether we like it or not....more


That's just the starting point of maturing. You're right about eating well, proper ...more

A Stitch In Time... Doesn't Necessarily Save Your Nethers

I hadn't realized that this was actually something that real women actually did, but apparently it is: vaginal cosmetic surgery is maybe not as popular as Botox, but women are getting it done. The thing is, according to a British study, getting your hoo-hah snipped carries a lot of risks. More risks than Botox. About the same amount of risk as female genital mutilation.I know. I squeezed my legs together, too. You might as well keep yours squeezed, because this topic doesn't get any prettier....more

The doctor that delivered my 2nd child made a big point of saying that he did an extra-good ...more

Loving Yourself: Why It's Harder Than it Sounds

Have you ever noticed how little children are so proud of themselves for doing the smallest of things? They can get extreme joy out of putting on their own clothes, feeding themselves, or taking a few steps. They are constantly celebrating themselves, and why wouldn’t they? Good parents realize the importance of building esteem in young children, so they readily praise them for their accomplishments, regardless of how small they may be. How many times a day does a parent praise a young child? ...more

Yes, Roselotus, I agree. Of course we want to look good on the outside. No harm in that, but ...more

6 Cosmetic Touch-Ups

Are fake boobs a faux pas? It all depends on who you ask. When it comes to cosmetic surgery we all have our own level of tolerance as to what is acceptable and how much plastic is pathological. But what if your smile makes you sad, or your eye sight is impairing your better judgment? Why should you suffer when a relatively minor procedure or fix can make you feel a whole lot better about yourself? ...more