My Gracefully Aging Role Models

Soon I will be fourty-seven years old.  I see a few wrinkles under my eyes, and my eyelids are starting to droop.   I'm starting to gray at the temples.   I'm at that fork in the road - do I accept the aging process or do I fight it?  Where do I turn for the answer?   Why, Mom, of course.  And Grandma and her sisters.  And Aunties Melly and Puring.   What would Mom, Grandma, or ________ (fill in the blank) do?  Isn't that what we ask ourselves when we try to solve any problems in life? ...more

Slice 'n Dice Beauty

Let me make a confession right up front. I believe in taking pride in appearance. I never leave the house without makeup; I color my hair and take pains to style it every day. I file my nails and moisturize my skin. I shave and tweeze and primp. I like to look my best. For many women, though, this little ritual has spiraled completely out of control in a foolish attempt to live up the standards of beauty set by... uh... set by who? And that 'who' – that unknown, all-powerful 'who' -- summarizes my problem with the whole thing. ...more

5 steps to successful cosmetic surgery

Whatever your thoughts on cosmetic surgery, the trend toward enhancement is most likely here to stay. So, do your research if you are thinking about getting work done. As you gather the facts, here are a few links from the cosmetic and plastic surgery project I produced for ...more

Dr. Laura Gets Smacked Around

“When you talk about mothers and swinging them against walls,” said the agitated, gold-bedecked woman at the mic ...more

Is Botox Really Safe?

According to a new scientific study from Europe,the anti-wrinkle treatment of Botox may migrate from the skin to your brain… With so many women all over the world using Botox on regular basis, I think we should all be aware of the potential consequences. Are we really willing to take a chance with side effects directly to our brain and the nerves? What do you think? ...more

I've thought of botox. I never read this report until now. I will need to stick with a more ...more

NY Times Identifies Breast Implants as Annuity Medicine

What is "annuity medicine?" Annuity medicine refers to the fact that once a patient walks into a doctor's office, the doctor gets an annuity because he knows the statistics that will bring her back for operation after operation. She becomes his insurance policy for a great practice. ...more

Respected Women's Health Advocate and Industry Consultant Co-Author Measured Article on Informed Consent for Breast Implants

The supplement to December’s Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgery is all about breast implants. The editorial, “What Do Women Need to Know and When Do They Need to Know It?” is significant and important. ...more